Putting An End to Mood Swings

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mood swings

Ever go from perfectly normal mom, wife, daughter, friend or co-worker to the irritable, moody, crabby woman who is barely holding onto her insanity? Do you ever feel like this?

Suddenly, the weight of caring for children, husband, career and family, things you have lovingly managed for decades, becomes too much. This inability to handle the usual stressors catches us by surprise. After all, we’re the sex that can “bring home the bacon – da da da – fry it up in a pan”. What happened to the confident, calm, and even-tempered woman that used to be in control of her body?

Chances are: hormones happened or rather, the lack of hormones.

As we age, our hormones decline. In the case of the female hormones, estrogen and progesterone, progesterone declines at a much faster rate than estrogen, leaving many women with estrogen dominance. In addition, the use of birth control pills and the estrogenic effects of hormones in our meat and dairy products contribute to estrogen dominance. Imbalanced estrogen levels can actually induce anxiety and depression by causing functional hypothyroidism. Estrogen dominance can also be called progesterone deficiency, as what is needed to get the body back in balance is the addition of bioidentical progesterone.

As women enter perimenopause, estrogen deficiency rears its ugly head. The characteristic symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and insomnia begin to surface. The body is constantly readjusting to the changing hormone levels, thus causing a “swing” in moods.

The simple solution consists of evening out these swings by restoring your hormones to balance. Bioidentical estrogen must be balanced with bioidentical progesterone as they work in tandem. It’s simply a matter of putting back in what’s missing.

Tired of any sign of irritability soliciting the comment, “Maybe it’s just your hormones.” Well, the truth is, maybe it is just your hormones.

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