Treatment for Hot Flashes in Menopause

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The blog in the New York Times this week reported that a clinical trial found that soy worked no better than a placebo for relieving hot flashes, further, it had no effect on bone density.  The article also claims that studies show that other non-drug treatments are also ineffective.  What is disappointing is that the author goes on to describe various options for relieving hot flashes, including antidepressants and counterfeit hormone drugs, with no mention of the best option of all – bioidentical hormones.

Hot flashes are sudden, intense waves of heat and sweating.  They can be mild or intense.  Some women find that these hot flashes disrupt their sleep, however they can occur at anytime throughout the day.  The author states that the exact cause of hot flashes is not known, however this is not true.  Hot flashes can result from changes in your hormone levels – particularly estrogen and progesterone during menopause.

The most effective way to address the symptoms of menopause is to simply replenish your declining hormones, since this is what is causing you to experience all of these discomforts in the first place.  Common sense, right?  By replenishing the levels of progesterone and estrogen that have declined through using bioidentical hormones, you are directly addressing the problem.  Bioidentical hormones are biologically identical in structure to the hormones produced by the human body, so the cells of a woman’s body respond to them in exactly the same way that they respond to the hormones produced by her own body.

The author states that a woman has to be willing to make a trade off of the risks for the effective treatment of her symptoms.  This is referring to the side effects of taking prescription drugs or counterfeit hormones.  When will the media get it right?  It is time for them to get better informed. You don’t have to risk your health in order to relieve your hot flashes – there are natural, safe solutions readily available!

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