Women and Testosterone: Jane Fonda Sets the Record Straight

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Women and Testosterone: Jane Fonda Sets the Record Straight

People have been buzzing about what Jane Fonda recently revealed as the secret to her healthy love life in her seventies: testosterone. When she first made news by stating that she was having the best sex of her life at the age of 71 she made many people envious. Now she has found the spotlight once again by drawing attention to the fact that she takes testosterone supplementation for a healthy love life.

That’s right – Fonda stated that she starting taking the sex hormone testosterone three years ago and it has made a huge difference in her romantic moods and inclinations. As many people are voicing their disappointment or even concern over using what some have called artificial help, we beg to differ from the skeptics.

In one particular article (the UK’s daily mail), the author writes that the news is somewhat of a letdown to find out that even sex symbol Jane Fonda needs artificial help. Artificial help? Not so fast. Let’s take a look at the facts.

First, testosterone is not exclusively a male hormone although it’s primary known as the male sex hormone. Women also produce testosterone in smaller amounts in their ovaries and adrenal glands. As women age, the level of testosterone begins to decline, which can be a huge factor in women losing their libido as they age.

Either way you look at it, whether your a husband or wife, low testosterone may result in the loss of a marriage. Low testosterone is a negative game changer.

The good news is there is a healthy solution. Replenishing your body’s natural level of hormones wouldn’t be classified as artificial help if done properly and monitored by a trained physician in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. By balancing your body’s level of hormones using bioidentical hormones you’re simply putting back in what’s missing due to a decline in our body’s hormone levels as we age. Who says you need to feel old when there are natural options?

In addition to being a natural female libido enhancer, testosterone improves the tone of the vagina and bladder, decreases body fat, improves muscle strength and bone density, enhances thyroid hormone function, relieves anxiety and depression, and promotes mental clarity. Did we say it decreases body fat?

While celebrities and sexuality easily grab the headlines, the truth is that natural, bioidentical testosterone contains a myriad of benefits for us all.

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