12Sep, 2016

Rahel’s Story – Fatigue, Heart Palpitations, Can’t Sleep

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Were you given a prescription for antidepressants even though you weren't depressed? Rahel had fatigue, couldn't sleep and had bad allergies. She had heart palpitations and thought she was having a heart attack, but all her tests came back normal. Her doctors couldn't find anything wrong and told her she was "depressed". Watch to find out how Rahel turned her life around and got the right help!

12Aug, 2016

Dr. Hotze Featured in Equestrian Living Magazine

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We all want to live life to the fullest and we should never have to settle for less. One of the biggest frustrations that women experience with their health symptoms is not getting the right help from their doctor. Read the full Equestrian Living article to find out how you can work with your body to achieve optimal health and feel your best so that you can pursue your passions in life.

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