Did you know that migraine headaches are commonly caused by hormonal imbalance?  For optimal health, a woman’s body requires a perfect balance between the estrogens and progesterone.  When this normal hormonal balance begins to shift in favor of estrogen, this is referred to as estrogen dominance.  Estrogen dominance could just as accurately be termed progesterone deficiency.  The body responds to this imbalance with symptoms such as migraines, weight gain, severe menstrual cramps, and heavy, irregular cycles. 

Can you put your migraines on the calendar alongside your menstrual cycle?  Chronic migraines are more prevalent in women than in men; the reason may be that many women suffer from “menstrual migraines”- migraines associated with the swing in hormones accompanying their cycle.  However, this does not mean that menstrual migraines are normal.  If you experience migraines in association with your menstrual cycle, it is quite likely that you may suffer from hormonal imbalance and more specifically estrogen dominance.

Estrogen dominance promotes fluid retention causing the brain to swell within the fixed space of the skull.  This swelling creates the pressure that causes the migraine.  Additionally, estrogen causes dilation of the blood vessels.  The constriction of blood vessels followed by rebound dilation can contribute to migraines.  Estrogen dominance also depletes magnesium in the body, which is key for healthy blood vessel tone.  Magnesium deficiency can also be responsible for a spasm of arteries on the brain.

The good news is that migraine relief can be as simple as replacing what is missing by balancing your hormones.  Connie suffered from migraine headaces for ten years, and she found relief from her migraine headaches when she balanced her hormones with bioidentical hormones.  Watch as she shares her story:

We believe in treating the estrogen dominance or progesterone deficiency with bioidentical hormones, rather than prescribing a prescription drug that will not correct the root cause of the migraine.  Migraine headaches that are caused by estrogen dominance, or low progesterone levels, can be safely and naturally prevented and relieved with bioidentical progesterone.