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chris brandl

Chris Brandl — New Guest Director

Chris Brandl joined the Hotze Enterprises team in January of 2017 as New Guest Director.  He grew up in a farming community in Northeast Nebraska and majored in Criminal Justice with an emphasis in Psychology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  Chris expanded his higher education through coursework in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing.  Since then, he has received continuing education MBA level certifications from Cornell University in Marketing Strategy for Business Leaders and Executive Leadership.  He is an active member in the American Marketing Association and Cornell Alumni Group.

Chris began his professional career at Omnium Worldwide, now known as West Corporation, and handled collections for Telecommunications, Healthcare and Financial Services.  After being recruited by ADP, his success led him to take a leadership role at Akzo Nobel, which was later purchased by Innovation Group.  There he was responsible for building an account management team along with building the iMRN network to over 2500 shops across the country.  In 2010, Chris joined the team at Sterling Autobody. Chris is a dynamic and influential executive leader who has brought vision and purpose to corporations throughout his career. We consider it a privilege to have Chris Brandl as our New Guest Director.

Julie Cisneros

Julie Cisneros

Julie Cisneros joined the Hotze Health & Wellness Center in June of 2016 as a wellness consultant.  She studied Human Nutrition and Foods at the University of Houston and has worked as a health and fitness professional for 10 years in a variety of roles.  She enjoys cooking, gardening, swimming and spending time with her family. Julie is a proud mom of two toddlers.

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