Hotze Pharmacy’s Tammy Folsom has been selected as the first recipient of the 110% Award

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, Hotze Enterprises leadership team strongly feels that it’s critical to show staff members how valued and appreciated they are as individuals, as well as the contributions they make continuously through their hard work and diligent efforts. Keeping this in the forefront of their minds, the leadership team is constantly looking for new ways to show its appreciation. Presently, as an additional way to display staff member appreciation, a few internal awards have been put in place. These awards include: 110% Award; Raving Fan Award; Best in Class. And the first award to be enacted is the 110% Award!

Drum roll please…..

Hotze Enterprises has selected our dear Pharmacist-in-Charge, Tammy Folsom, as the first recipient of the highly-esteemed 110% Award!!! Congratulations, Tammy! We couldn’t be prouder. “Tammy’s efforts to go above and beyond are never ceasing,” said Dr. Steven Hotze, founder and CEO of Hotze Enterprises. “She is the type of valued team member that continually amazes you with each passing week. This recognition is well-deserved and long overdue.”
 , Meet Tammy Folsom Vice President of Operations/Hotze Pharmacy
 , Where is your hometown?
Temple, Texas
 , How many children and grandchildren do you have?
I have two grown children, Danny, 31; Whitney, 28; and four grandchildren, 2 boys; 2 girls.
 , How long have you and your husband been married?
Dan and I have been married 32 years.
 , How long have you been working at Hotze Pharmacy?
It will be eight years in July.
 , Why do you think you were honored with this award?
Dr. Hotze and Monica [Hotze Enterprises president] are so good about recognizing people’s contributions.I think I am being recognized for my commitment to consistently increase work flow and efficiency.
 , How did you feel when you were informed that you were chosen as the recipient of the 110% Award?
How gratifying it is to work at Hotze Enterprises because they really know how to make you feel valued and special. Monica and Dr. Hotze have a way of showing you how much you truly are valued. I was very humbled by it – that they would take the time to recognize me. I was also extremely surprised – I had no idea. I had no idea that the 110% Award even existed yet.  They did a good job at keeping it secret.
 , Tell us about when you were notified that you were the recipient.
When it was announced I was overwhelmed. I just couldn’t believe it!   They were rolling out how they wanted to appreciate our staff and describing the different award ideas. When they got to the 110% Award, they announced that I was the winner! They talked about the parking spot and I thought that was it, but then the surprises just kept coming.

When I went to my hotel room, there were 110 white gorgeous carnations waiting for me. I was thrilled!  Then at dinner that night they brought out a cake with 110% Award written on top.  The following day, while sitting in the conference room, everyone’s cell phone alarms starting ringing at the same time. Everyone’s phone but mine! I was confused and feeling quite startled that my phone wasn’t ringing, until I looked at the time. It was exactly 1:10! How clever!  Then, Dr. Hotze presented me with a card and $110. Monica said, “This is all about Tammy. Take some ‘Tammy time’ and go spend your $110.”
 , What did you choose to buy with the $110?
This was so cool because I already had my eye on a pair of Brighton sunglasses. Immediately, I knew this would be my first purchase with the $110. Then I found a beautiful, turquoise silk embroidered jacket; I simply loved it so the jacket was my next and final purchase. Every time I wear the jacket or sunglasses I’ll think of the 110% Award and the fun way I was honored. So it’s lasting.
 , Which three words would you use to describe yourself?
Friendly, empathetic and laid-back.
 , Which three words do you think your team members in the pharmacy would choose to describe you?
Friendly, caring and diligent.
 , What do you believe to be your biggest accomplishment since you took charge of operations in the pharmacy?
I think it’s been an ongoing growth process. I wouldn’t say it’s any one specific achievement, but an accumulation of achievements. For example, I’m constantly researching and learning about new equipment to try and make the pharmacy more efficient. One of the machines I discovered through research was our Scrip Pro Robot. This is a robot dispensing unit as well as a central tracking system. When I first discovered the robot, I realized this would solve a lot of the road blocks we were encountering; however; I was nervous even proposing this recommendation to Dr. Hotze because it’s so costly. Dr. Hotze immediately said, “let’s do it”. So we bought our first robot six years ago, and then brought in another one in 2005. Investing in these robots has had so many benefits for the company; they make us more efficient, more accurate, they save time and money. They are pretty advanced and there are probably fewer than ten in the entire greater Houston community.

In the compounding lab one of my favorite finds was the turbula, which mixes the bulk powder ingredients. The Turbula was a great find because we had no way to blend the powder ingredients in quantites sufficient for the encapsulator we were bringing in. We would need to run 10 batches in the blender to get the equivalent of running one container of powder base in the Turbula. A minimum of 5 containers were necessary to run the encapsulator. I felt like the Turbula was an answer that was Heaven sent. In addition, there was also the Macofar – a fully automated encapsulator –it takes less manual labor to run it so there is less wear and tear on our technicians. And it’s highly accurate!
 , You voluntarily work many nights and weekends, oftentimes, everyone else is completely unaware that you are here working hard because you don’t even mention it to anyone. Most people make it known when they work late or come in on the weekends in some way, but you fail to mention this, as to not draw attention to yourself and so others don’t feel bad. What drives you to this 110% work ethic?
In Tammy’s own words, she explained that the pharmacy opened in 2001, and then she came on board in 2002. “I think the thing is I have always felt like this was my pharmacy.” This would explain all the nights and weekends Tammy has poured into making the pharmacy what it is today.
 , What is it that you are doing when you come in over the weekend alone?
Well, it varies. One of the pharmacists has to be here anytime there is any work done in the pharmacy. We have done some remodeling and work on equipment and a pharmacist must be present. “I wouldn’t ask another pharmacist to do it.”
 , Fun Facts:
 , If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
The Rainforest
 , What’s your splurge?
 , Congratulations, Tammy! Way to go the extra mile!

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