Reeducate Your Immune System with Sublingual Allergy Drops

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allergy drops

Allergy Drops

Spring is finally here and allergies are in full bloom! While the landscape is beginning to blossom, one in four Americans are struggling with seasonal allergies. Instead of preparing your spring garden and enjoying the beauty of the season, are you staying indoors for fear of being overtaken with coughing, sneezing, or itchy and watery eyes that always seem to tag along? For many, allergies are just a part of life. Yet it doesn’t have to be that way!

The conventional approach is to mask allergy symptoms with antihistamines. Histamine is your body’s reaction to allergens and it is also responsible for those dreaded allergy symptoms such as watery eyes, runny nose and a scratchy throat. Antihistamines do little more than place a band-aid over the problem, while the root cause – an over reactive immune system – is left untreated. Not only do antihistamines fail to address the underlying cause, they also have a host of common side effects such as fatigue, drowsiness, dry mouth, loss of appetite, stomach upset, nausea, blurred vision, dizziness, headaches, and skin rashes. Most likely you are more than acquainted with the side effects of antihistamines regardless of whether or not you suffer from seasonal allergies. Benadryl is so effective at inducing drowsiness that it is commonly sold as a sleep aid!

At Hotze Health & Wellness Center, we believe in treating the underlying cause of allergy symptoms: an over reactive immune system. Our allergy treatment desensitizes an individual toward allergens, thereby working on the root of the problem. Allergy desensitization treatment is simply reeducating your immune system.

Our allergy desensitization treatment also uses sublingual drops – not shots. Our patients receive increasingly more concentrated dilutions of the offending substance over time. Gradually, your immune system becomes desensitized to the very substances to which it used to react!

What if you could work in your garden without paying for it later with a sinus infection? Or that walk in the park could be just that – a walk in the park? Before you resign yourself to staying indoors this season, consider reeducating your immune system with sublingual allergy treatment instead of patching up your symptoms with pharmaceutical band-aids.  To find out if allergy drops are an option for you, contact us today!

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