Adrenal Fatigue and Allergies

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Adrenal fatigue is also a common underlying problem in patients with allergies, especially when these allergies have been poorly managed. Out-of-control allergies often lead to recurrent sinus infections, which lead to repeated courses of antibiotic therapy, which lead to yeast overgrowth and impaired immunity. This cycle of infection, antibiotic treatment, impaired immunity, and reinfection adds stress to the body, weakening the adrenals, and reducing cortisol levels.

This in turn worsens allergies, because cortisol is the body’s antiallergy hormone of choice. Cortisol is both a natural antihistamine and a natural anti-inflammatory. Prednisone, dexamethasone, and other high-dose counterfeit corticosteroids that are used to alleviate the inflammation of bronchial asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, and other autoimmune conditions are simply the drug companies’ counterfeit versions of the body’s own natural anti-inflammatory hormone, cortisol.

Though I don’t prescribe cortisol to every patient with allergies, I have found that those with long-standing, unmanaged allergies are usually suffering from adrenal fatigue. The addition of cortisol to their treatment regimen lessens the likelihood of recurrent sinus infections and helps them regain energy more quickly.

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