Cause of Fibromyalgia – Rebecca’s Story

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Are you wondering what is the cause of fibromyalgia?

Rebecca suffered from fibromyalgia for 15 years.  She had muscle and joint pain, weight gain, she couldn’t sleep, and had no energy. Mainstream doctors were not able to help her – they only gave her antidepressants and pain medications.  Dr. Hotze reveals a common cause of fibromyalgia that is often overlooked by doctors.  Find out how Rebecca got her life back!


2 thoughts on “Cause of Fibromyalgia – Rebecca’s Story

  1. Kermit Young

    Please send me contact info regarding this treatment process. My daughter who is 44 has been dealing with these symptoms for 14 years. There is no physical basis for her pain, etc.Thank you.

    Kermit Young


    • Hotze Team

      Dear Kermit,

      We are so sorry to hear that your daughter has been suffering for such a long time. Please contact our wellness consultants at 281-698-8698 who can tell you about our treatment program. We want to help your daughter get the answers she needs to get well. Thank you.


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