My Skin Rejuvenation Journey – Part I

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My Skin Rejuvenation Journey
Sally Kerr, LVN, LMT, LSO
Director of Aesthetics

I am 56 years old and the aging clock seems to have sped up since I turned 50! Like many other women, I always said, “no, I don’t want to have anything done. I will just age gracefully” Then it happened. I looked in the mirror and decided maybe, just maybe, I would do a few things!

Thank you, Dr. Hotze, for bringing in one of the most natural ways to rejuvenate aging skin using the best equipment available – the Sciton Joule which uses light therapy, known as BBL and HaloPro. Since I turned 44, I have been taking Hotze -recommended bioidentical hormones in addition to the vitamins and minerals that I have been taking since I was a teenager, so my skin was getting nourished from the inside. Unfortunately, my time in the sun had taken its toll and the aging process had kicked into warp speed on the outside.

What was I thinking? Baby oil and iodine? Tanning Beds? I am a fair-skinned blonde with red characteristics!! Get a hat and wear sunscreen, ladies, and for goodness sakes, don’t get in a tanning bed!

My skin rejuvenation journey started with three corrective BBL (broad band light) treatments followed by SkinTyte treatments to start stimulating collagen and undo some of the sun damage (dark spots) that was done in my youth. SkinTyte is simply a technique that is used to do exactly what the name implies. Who wouldn’t love that!? I also had two SkinPen sessions (micro needling) to further stimulate the collagen production and start putting the brakes on aging.

The BBL treatments took some getting used to. The bright light – brighter than anything I’ve ever experienced (even though I was wearing stainless steel goggles) – is startling at first, and the sensation is strong enough that I requested numbing cream for my next treatments. During the SkinTyte treatments (I like to compare this to ironing the skin), the aesthetician actually heats the skin up to a certain temperature to stimulate the coagulation and collagen process. The skin has to get to just the right temperature to be effective. The beauty of the BBL and SkinTyte treatments is that there is basically no downtime.

The SkinPen II uses a special cartridge with 12 tiny needles, and after numbing the face, the aesthetician begins the treatment. It is painless (thank you, numbing gel) and the downtime is minimal. You receive two products to apply for the next 24 – 48 hours, and after just 24 hours, you can apply your regular makeup.

After these treatments, I felt that my collagen had been stimulated and I was ready for the more intensive treatment. HaloPro is a hybrid laser, helpful for fine lines and wrinkles and also to further stimulate collagen and reverse sun damage. Hallelujah!
As the day approached, I started increasing several of my supplements to provide my body with everything it needed to achieve the very best results.

Click here for more on Sally’s experience with our Halo Profracitonal Hybrid Laser treatment complete with before and after photos.

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