Why You Need a Monthly Facial

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Most spa-goers underestimate the benefits of a monthly facial. They tend to prefer to try their own hand at Why You Need a Monthly Facialexfoliation and extractions, and only seek a trained aesthetician before a special event or if their skin becomes unmanageable. But let’s face it, there’s only so much you can do in front of your bathroom mirror. Drugstore scrubs can be harsh on your skin, blackheads and whiteheads are challenging to extract, and at-home treatments so often fall short, or even aggravate the existing blemishes. To achieve a glowing, healthy visage, it’s necessary to invest in a monthly facial. We’ll tell you all the benefits below.



Improve your skin’s health

A professional facial will improve not only the look and feel of your face, but the health of your skin as well. Facials increase blood circulation, which allows skin cells to renew more easily. They can also, through triggering the lymphatic system, decrease the amount of toxins beneath the skin’s surface. These toxins are what cause unsightly puffiness, redness, and fluid build-up. Massaging the face can promote the production of collagen and smooth fine lines. This process actually slows down the aging process, since collagen is what keeps skin from forming wrinkles or becoming saggy. Facials also rehydrate dry skin, remove old scarring, and reduce the appearance of age spots.

Aestheticians are experts in skin care

An aesthetician’s profession is to heal their clients’ skin. They’re pros at diagnosing the root causes of skin imperfections and they can suggest products for home use to help maintain your post-facial glow until your next appointment. Treat your aesthetician like your skin doctor. Once you find someone you like, stay loyal. They will get to know your skin better with each facial and work with you to perfect it.

Also, professional products and tools (in masterful hands) yield professional results. A bottle of $7 face scrub will never provide the same exfoliation as microdermabrasion. Furthermore, attempting to do blemish extractions at home can be painful and damaging to the surrounding skin. Aestheticians have high-quality tools to steam open your pores, then remove the clogged up dirt and oil without causing excess irritation. After a facial, you may experience some initial puffiness and redness, but it should dissipate after 24 hours and you’ll be left with shining, gorgeous skin.

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