Low Body Temperature and Hypothyroidism: Are You Cold All the Time?

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Low Body Temperature and Hypothyroidism: Are You Cold All the Time?Does this sound like you?
“My hands and feet are always freezing!”
“I take hot baths just to stay warm.”
“I wear sweaters in the summer.”

Are you cold all the time? Are your hands and feet always freezing? If so, then it’s time for a temperature check. Why? Because a low body temperature is a classic feature of hypothyroidism that is often overlooked.

Cold Sensitivity is a Common Symptom of Hypothyroidism
Cold sensitivity or cold hands and feet are common symptoms of low thyroid function. Temperatures consistently below 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit are highly indicative of hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism causes your metabolism to slow down and your body to conserve energy for its most vital organs, therefore your body temperature will be lower. You will not have enough energy to heat your body. Research shows that with hypothyroidism, the decrease in energy metabolism and heat production is reflected in the low basal metabolic rate, decreased appetite, cold intolerance, and low basal body temperature.(1) Research demonstrates that patients with lower normal levels of free thyroxine exhibited a lower body temperature. These results support the target levels of free thyroxine as middle-upper normal levels during levothyroxine replacement therapy in patients with hypothyroidism. (2)

How to Test Your Basal Body Temperature
Basal body temperature is your body’s resting temperature. The best time to take it is before you get moving in the morning and are still lying in bed. It’s important that you be at rest at the time of measurement.

Accurately Diagnosing Hypothyroidism
Often when you visit a conventional doctor with your concerns of having hypothyroidism, the doctor will do a single blood test, the TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). Even though your blood work may be “normal”, if your body temperature is low and you have symptoms of low thyroid function, you could still be hypothyroid. Don’t rely on a single blood test to diagnose hypothyroidism. Be sure your doctor considers your symptoms, clinical history, and of course, body temperature.

Symptom Check: Do you have other symptoms of hypothyroidism?
Take note of all the symptoms you are experiencing and relay them to your doctor. Don’t worry if you have 10, or 20 or more symptoms on your list – everyone is important in helping your doctor determine the proper diagnosis.

Common Symptoms of Hypothyroidism
Difficulty Sleeping
Hair Loss
Weight Gain
Chronic Infections
Brain Fog
Joint & Muscle Pain
Dry Skin
Depressed Moods

Watch as Dr. Hotze explains 6 common reasons that your doctor fails to diagnose hypothyroidism:

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1. Hypothyroidism – New Aspects of an Old Disease
2. Median-Lower Normal Levels of Serum Thyroxine are Associated with Low Triiodothyronine Levels and Body Temperature in Patients with Central Hypothyroidism


2 thoughts on “Low Body Temperature and Hypothyroidism: Are You Cold All the Time?

  1. Janis Gustafson

    All winter I have to hit the bathtub often just to warm up my body!! Temp runs 97.2 or lower!! What is the oropervtest to ask my doctor for!! The one she runs, she says is always OK!! Mom, two sisters and brother gave all needed throid meds!! I,m the 1st birn daughter if 4 kids!! I also was diagnoised with fibro 25 years ago at Mayo clinic!!!I manage the fibro fairly well, but the raynouds and freezing body is doing me in!! Any thoughts???


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