Best Father’s Day Gift: How Your Husband Can Feel 25 Again

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Best Father’s Day Gift

Have you noticed symptoms of low testosterone in your husband? Or, put another way: Has he turned into a grumpy old man who just wants to be a couch potato? Has he lost all motivation and gained a spare tire around his waist? Does he seem like a different man than he used to be? If you’re not sure, here are some very common symptoms of low testosterone to look out for:

tired all the time
low libido
depressed, irritable moods
decreased mental sharpness
gaining weight around midsection
lack of assertiveness
decline in self confidence
difficulty making decisions
loss of motivation
lessened stamina and endurance
decline in sense of well-being
lack of initiative and drive
loss of muscle mass, strength, and tone
sleep apnea

As men begin experiencing the above symptoms, they also lose their zest for life and aren’t as interested in hobbies that used to make them happy. This change not only affects you, but also your children, friends and his career. This age-related decline in testosterone happens gradually, so it often goes unnoticed until a man reaches his forties or fifties. However, today it is occurring more often in a man’s 20s and 30s as well, so don’t let age rule out the possibility that a man is low in testosterone.

Importance of Testosterone
Optimal testosterone levels are crucial for a man’s overall health and well-being. Testosterone positively affects muscle tone, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, the immune system, weight, moods, bone health, skin, libido, sperm production, sleep, as well as heart, liver and brain health.

See for Yourself – Harriss’ Testimonial
Harriss shares his journey to getting back his energy, drive, focus, and motivation. He couldn’t think clearly and had difficulty setting business goals. He gained weight, wanted to rest all the time and lost interest in life. Learn how Harriss got his energy back, and why he feels 25 again!

Dr. Hotze discusses the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy in men:

Give the gift of health this father’s day.  Take our symptom checker to find out if low testosterone could be the culprit.  Contact our wellness consultants at 281-698-8698 so we can help your husband get his life back!

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