Firmer, Smoother Skin with SkinTyte

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Firmer, Smoother Skin with SkinTyte

Do you ever find yourself wondering where those wrinkles came from? When that sagging started? When your skin started looking so… old? Well, if you have, you’re not alone. In fact, most of our aesthetics guests claim to notice changes like these seemingly overnight! Although these changes don’t actually occur overnight, they do advance fairly quickly, and they’re all linked to that pesky little protein we call collagen.

Our skin cells naturally begin to lose their ability to make and remodel collagen around the young age of 20—this is unavoidable. This natural decline is then exaggerated by UV damage, environmental toxins, and hormonal changes.  This little cocktail of hormones, UV damage and toxins is what accelerates the effects of collagen decline, making said changes appear so quickly.

So what can you do about it? You’ve taken the best precautions you can to stabilize hormonal changes by supplementing with bioidentical hormones and essential vitamins and minerals. You wear your sunscreen, and you eliminate your exposure to harmful toxins as much as possible. Yet, you still need to reverse that sagging, loose and wrinkled skin.

If this is the case and you’re looking to avoid using harmful chemicals and invasive procedures, SkinTyte might be just the solution.

What is SkinTyte?

SkinTyte is laser technology developed by Sciton, one of the leading laser companies on the market that is safe, non-invasive, and requires no downtime. That’s right – none.  It uses heat and light energy to naturally stimulate collagen to restore elasticity, reverse sagging, reduce crepiness and diminish fine lines.

How does it work?

SkinTyte uses infrared light to penetrate heat deep into the skin’s dermal layer to naturally renew and remodel collagen. This causes collagen and elastin fibers to shrink in length and thicken in width, which restores elasticity and volume resulting in stronger and firmer skin.

What is the treatment like?

The procedure is not painful but can get rather hot in certain areas. Because of the heat, the skin is numbed with a topical gel for 20-30 minutes to improve comfort and efficacy. The skin is then cleansed and covered with a thick layer of ultrasound gel, which protects the surface layer of skin while a rectangular crystal glides over the treatment area in a constant motion. As the crystal is applied to the skin, it projects a pulsing light and feels similar to a hot stone massage.

What should I expect after SkinTyte?

As previously mentioned, there is no downtime.  You may walk out of your treatment a little red, but you can wear makeup immediately and go about business as usual. Some people notice a slight tightness immediately following the treatment. However, the real and lasting results will progress over the following four months. Skin will gradually become firmer, tighter and smoother as your body natural renews and restores durability and strengthens those stubborn collagen and elastin fibers.

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