Progesterone for Breast Cancer Prevention

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Progesterone for Breast Cancer Prevention

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  The goal of the pink ribbon campaign is to raise awareness and find a cure. However, can you tell us what is missing from this campaign?  If all women knew what we are about to tell you, then they would be shouting it from the roof tops!  There is something you can start doing now to be proactive and help prevent you from getting breast cancer in the first place. The missing link that has been grossly overlooked is PROGESTERONE.


Progesterone is a key factor in preventing breast cancer that is not being recognized by mainstream medicine.  Breast cancer is commonly caused by hormonal imbalance. Almost all risk factors associated with breast cancer are directly or indirectly related to excess estrogen, or estrogen that is not balanced with progesterone, a condition called estrogen dominance. This hormonal imbalance can be easily corrected with bioidentical progesterone, which is identical to the progesterone made by your body.

The past quarter-century of research has clearly demonstrated that low levels of human progesterone increase the risk of breast cancer.  A number of studies have found that insufficient progesterone may be a more important factor than excessive estrogen in increasing a woman’s risk of breast cancer.  Take a look at the amazing results of the following three research studies:

1. “Breast cancer incidence in women with a history of progesterone deficiency.”

The conclusion of this 1981 Johns Hopkins study found that infertile women with progesterone deficiency had a premenopausal breast cancer risk that was 540% greater than that of women whose infertility was not related to their hormone status. Not only that, but these women had a 1,000% greater risk of death from all types of cancer.

Since at least 1980, we have known that women with the
most pregnancies have the least breast cancer.
This tells us that progesterone is a protective hormone.

2. “Progesterone induces apoptosis in malignant mesothelioma cells.”

These results show that progesterone suppressed the cells from spreading and induced cell death (called apoptosis) in malignant mesothelioma cancer cells.

3. “Progesterone inhibits growth and induces apoptosis in breast cancer cells: inverse effects on Bcl-2 and p53.”

The results of this study were that progesterone can inhibit growth and cause cell death in breast cancer cells.

These are incredible findings. So why aren’t we seeing advertisements for progesterone everywhere we turn? Why doesn’t your doctor talk to you about progesterone?  This information should be relayed to women at every doctor’s office and hospital in the country. There should be billboards, t-shirts, and brightly colored ribbons dedicated to progesterone. It is tragic that such an important natural hormone that protects women against breast cancer is not at the forefront of breast cancer awareness campaign efforts.

Do You Have Healthy Progesterone Levels?

The first question you should ask when you think about the fight against breast cancer is: “Do I have healthy progesterone levels?” Natural progesterone plays a critical role in protecting women against breast cancer.   The optimal balance of progesterone and estrogen is crucial to a woman’s health and well-being.  Progesterone is not just for young women who are still menstruating, all women need progesterone, even after they reach menopause or have had a hysterectomy. Take our symptom checker quiz to find out if you have symptoms of low progesterone.

We Can Help

Have you been searching for a doctor to provide bioidentical hormone therapy? Hotze Health & Wellness Center provides bioidentical hormone therapy for women to help them maintain their progesterone levels. Contact a wellness consultant today at 281-698-8698 to schedule a complimentary wellness consultation.

Spread the Word

Share this potentially lifesaving information with your mothers, sisters, daughters and friends.  We need to spread the word about how important it is to maintain healthy progesterone levels throughout our lives.



7 thoughts on “Progesterone for Breast Cancer Prevention

  1. oliver

    I noticed that you recommend organic meats in order to promote a healthy lifestyle. Would you consider beef fed with corn or corn derivatives as organic meat?


    • Hotze Team

      Dear Oliver,
      We recommend and prefer grass fed beef when possible, however we understand that it can be a challenge to find sometimes. Thank you for your comment!


  2. Dina Petrossian

    How about eating soy, that is know to be high in estrogen levels? is there a difference between eating organic soy, sprouted soy and non GMO? have there been any studies about soy?
    thank you very much.


    • Hotze Team

      Dear Dina,

      Thank you for your question. Organic soy is better than regular soy, which is definitely better for you than GMO soy, but at the end of the day, soy is still soy. It mimics estrogen, therefore causing an increase in estrogen levels, a decrease in testosterone and an overall imbalance in your hormones. 99% of soy products consumed today are conventional, GMO and toxic to your system. For that reason, we would not recommend any soy product.

      Please let us know if we may be of further assistance to you. Have a wonderful day!


      Hotze Team


  3. Jenny

    What are healthy estriol, estradiol, estrone, progesterone and testosterone levels, as well as estradiol:progesterone ratio, for a 62 yr. old woman in menopause for 12 years?


    • Hotze Team

      Dear Jenny,

      Thank you for your question. Each individual has their own individual norm. Our doctors look at each person individually. One person’s “normal level” may be different than another’s. By far, the best way to assess hormone status is by evaluating your symptoms. Also, in menopause, progesterone is always deficient. Since it is huge for bone formation, brain repair as well as being our biggest anti-cancer compound, we recommend progesterone for menopausal women.

      Please take our symptom checker quiz to find out if you have symptoms of hormone imbalance:

      If we may be of service to you, please call us at 281-698-8698 to schedule your complimentary wellness consultation. We will be happy to help you.

      To your health,

      Hotze Team


  4. Mary Dyer

    This is wonderful information. I will send it to many friends. I have been using/advocating Progesterone for many years. So sad, no negligent, that the Medical Profession will not listen. Worse, they say “no, don’t” to any woman who tells her Doc she is using it. Tragic.


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