5 Amazing Benefits of Getting a Facial

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5 Amazing Benefits of Getting a Facial

Are you looking for a better way to have glowing, healthy skin? Are you noticing some blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles? Does you skin look dull and unrefreshed? If so, then treating yourself to a facial is just what you need to rejuvenate your skin.

Most spa-goers underestimate the benefits of getting a facial on a regular basis. They tend to prefer to try their own hand at exfoliation and extractions, and only seek a trained aesthetician before a special event or if their skin becomes unmanageable. But let’s face it, there’s only so much you can do in front of your bathroom mirror. Drugstore scrubs can be harsh on your skin, blackheads and whiteheads are challenging to extract, and at-home treatments so often fall short, or even aggravate the existing blemishes. To achieve a glowing, healthy visage, it’s necessary to have a facial done by a professional. We’ll tell you all the benefits below.

5 Amazing Benefits of Getting a Facial

1. A professional facial will improve not only the look and feel of your face, but the health of your skin as well.

2. Facials increase blood circulation, which allows skin cells to renew more easily.

3. They can also, through triggering the lymphatic system, decrease the amount of toxins beneath the skin’s surface. These toxins are what cause unsightly puffiness, redness, and fluid build-up.

4. Massaging the face can promote the production of collagen and smooth fine lines. This process actually slows down the aging process, since collagen is what keeps skin from forming wrinkles or becoming saggy.

5. Facials also rehydrate dry skin, remove old scarring, and reduce the appearance of age spots.

Aestheticians are experts in skin care

An aesthetician’s profession is to heal their clients’ skin. They’re pros at diagnosing the root causes of skin imperfections and they can suggest products for home use to help maintain your post-facial glow until your next appointment. Treat your aesthetician like your skin doctor. Once you find someone you like, stay loyal. They will get to know your skin better with each facial and work with you to perfect it.

Also, professional products and tools (in masterful hands) yield professional results. A bottle of $7 face scrub will never provide the same exfoliation as a facial. Furthermore, attempting to do blemish extractions at home can be painful and damaging to the surrounding skin. Aestheticians have high-quality tools to steam open your pores, then remove the clogged up dirt and oil without causing excess irritation. After a facial, you may experience some initial puffiness and redness, but it should dissipate after 24 hours and you’ll be left with shining, gorgeous skin.

At Hotze Health & Wellness Center, we several types of facial treatments:

These essential facial treatments deliver fresh, revitalized skin using skin-freshening techniques to help repair and speed up the skin’s cellular metabolism.

Hotze Restorative Facial

*Gentle rejuvenating facial with organic plant-based ingredients and fruit enzymes. *

This is our perfect solution for tired, dull and congested skin! The Restorative Facial is a completely customized, deep pore cleansing and reparative treatment ideal for all skin types. This treatment aids in improving skin clarity, hydration, elasticity, and uneven skin tone.

Hotze Ultimate Acne Facial

*Skin purifying treatment that targets acne, milia, blackheads, whiteheads and excessive oil production. *

This is the “go-to” facial for stubborn, problematic skin. The Ultimate Acne Facial is specifically formulated to reduce acne blemishes and impurity-causing bacteria including cystic acne. It aids in balancing the skin’s PH, soothing inflammation and reducing redness while purifying and detoxifying the skin.


This is a popular form of physical exfoliation that stimulates the skin’s natural repair system to promote increased circulation, new cell production and optimizes the absorption of topical skin care products. This treatment includes manual exfoliation with a sterile scalpel to painlessly remove fine vellus hairs and dead skin cells. Post-exfoliation the skin is infused with antioxidants, peptides, growth factors, and nutrients to enrich the fresh, newly exposed cells.

Hotze Metabolic Peel Menu
Pomegranate Peel

*This is a “today peel” with no prep time required.*

This is the perfect “pick-me-up” for all skin types and conditions. This gentle, antioxidant, fruit enzyme-based, exfoliating treatment leaves skin radiant, renewed and glowing. Stimulating cell turnover, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles – our pomegranate peel is the perfect solution.

Timeless Peel

*This is a “tomorrow peel” with 2 weeks required prep time prior to treatment.*

This is our age-defying peel. This vitamin-A based peel is formulated to increase collagen, elastin and cell turnover to visibly reduce signs of aging. It aids in brightening sun damage, melasma, brown spots, and reducing melanin in hyperpigmentation. This powerful peel contains encapsulated retinol, 20% L-Lactic acid and may cause mild to moderate flaking depending on the skin’s condition.

Deep Sea Peel

*This is a “tomorrow peel” with 2 weeks required prep time prior to treatment.*

This is our Titan of peels — bold and aggressive. It contains seaweed extract, sea herbs and coral powder that provides micro-fine deep manual exfoliation. It is an intense corrective peel intended for lifting away stubborn pigmentation, severe acne scarring, coarse texture and deep wrinkles. This highly stimulating treatment may include mild to moderate flaking or peeling and is NOT recommended for sensitive skin.

Gentleman’s Facial

Women aren’t the only ones that want to look great. Combining therapeutic relaxation with corrective skin care treatments tailored especially for men. Relax and unwind while promoting and maintaining skin that is well balanced and free of imperfections. A combination of facial massage, hydrating facial masks, and exfoliation restore and regenerate the skin, leaving you refreshed and looking your best.

SkinPen™ II Facial (Collagen Induction Therapy)

Perfect for all skin types, including those with darker skin and sun goddesses, Collagen Induction Therapy stimulates the skin’s natural ability to repair itself. New collagen and elastin production can reverse years of sun damage, improve acne scars and enhance the overall appearance of aging skin. This is extremely versatile and can be used on all parts of the body. For optimal results, one treatment per month for three months is recommended.

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