Optimizing Health Using Peptides

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Optimizing Health Using Peptides

By Donald Ellsworth, M.D.

After extensive work, the Hotze Medical Team and Hotze Pharmacy are excited to introduce a new set of wellness tools called peptides.

What are peptides?

Peptides are relatively short chains of amino acids that are involved in directing cellular communication.  Despite the fact that more than seven thousand naturally occurring peptides have been identified, the majority of doctors have never heard of these simple, powerful messengers.  We are seeing excellent results with these peptides improving the quality of life of our guests.

How can peptides improve your health?  Peptides can:
  • Decrease fat, increase muscle
  • Improve sexual interest (libido) and sexual function
  • Improve sleep
  • Speed tissue repair
  • Improve brain function, focus, learning
  • Improve cardiovascular health
  • Lengthen telomeres and promote cellular longevity
What types of peptides do we have?
  • Hotze Hormone Optimizer
  • Hotze Function (sexual)
  • Hotze Repair
  • Hotze Brain
  • Hotze Rejuvenation
Hotze Hormone Optimizer – Natural Hormone Optimization

Growth Hormone (GH) does more than help us grow, it also helps us stay healthy. Aging is a catabolic or tearing down process that is naturally opposed by GH’s building-up abilities.  Unfortunately, as GH levels diminish after age 20, the tissues that rely on GH start to decline.  Most noticeably, we lose bone and muscle while gaining fat.  Studies have also shown that a decline in GH is associated with lower energy and moods, more anxiety, trouble sleeping and more sexual dysfunction.

GH itself is not easy to use: it requires daily injections, is expensive, has many dose related side effects and is highly regulated.  Fortunately, there are ways to increase GH levels naturally using intense exercise, sauna, fasting and now compounded Hotze Hormone Optimizer. The benefits of improving your GH status may include: increased energy and stamina, improved sex drive, skin elasticity, and muscle tone/mass, improved focus, improved sleep, faster recovery from workouts, less body fat and increased bone density.

Compared to GH itself, these GH optimizing peptides have the advantage of enhancing GH production in a natural, pulsatile fashion, being a far less expense and much easier to use.   Many report seeing results within 2-3 months using this powerful wellness tool.

Hotze Function to Enhance Your Sexual Health

Hotze Function can enhance sexual function by increasing sexual desire in both men and women, as well as improve erectile dysfunction.   Men may see results on day 1 when used for ED, and  women may require 2-3 months to see libido increase.

Hotze Repair – to Heal Leaky Gut, Joints, Tendons

Hotze Repair is derived from a peptide found in stomach acid.  This repair peptide significantly speeds the healing of wounds, up to 3x as fast.  Hotze Repair is particularly good for arthritis, joint, ligament and tendon injuries as well as healing leaky gut.

Hotze Brain

This peptide increases the expression of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and can improve focus and speed learning.  Under conditions of stress, this peptide also has a calming and mood supporting effect.

Hotze Rejuvenation

Telomere length correlates with aging.  The Hotze Rejuvenation peptide has been shown to lengthen our cells’ telomeres which are generally associated with longevity and health.  In a study on 79 patients with severe coronary artery disease, this peptide reduced the death rate by almost 50% and significantly slowed the aging of the vascular system.

The bottom line is that peptides are highly effective tools for a wide range of conditions.  As these are prescription only, you can obtain these by reaching out to your provider at the Hotze Health & Wellness Center.



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