Reverse Skin Damage with Halo Pro

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Reverse Skin Damage with Halo Pro

Are you looking to correct years of sun exposure, hormonal changes and damage to your skin? Have you ever considered yourself a sun worshiper or desired to be a golden goddess? Are you beginning to see the effects of those “golden years?” What if I told you there is a natural, safe and effective way to erase some of this damage without the use of harmful chemicals or invasive procedures? Good news – you can with Halo Pro!

What is Halo Pro?

Halo Pro is the world’s very first hybrid fractional laser. To put it simply, as a hybrid fractional laser, the Halo Pro combines two lasers or wavelengths into one procedure. One of these lasers is non-ablative and specializes in correcting superficial sun damage, fine lines and restoring an even, glowing complexion. The other laser is ablative and penetrates deep into the skin, actually removing tissue to remove UV damage, resurface deep wrinkles and correct coarse texture.

Why is it special?

Applying two lasers simultaneously is a game changer. Let me explain. Typically when choosing a laser or light treatment, you have two general options: (1) A superficial non-ablative procedure that involves little to no down time and discomfort, but requires many treatments. (2) An aggressive ablative procedure that allows for greater improvement with fewer treatments, but requires much more downtime and discomfort. Applying both of these types of lasers simultaneously allows for the best of both worlds! You get a blend of aggressive, long-term correction with less downtime and discomfort and even greater improvement.

What is the treatment like?

After the skin is prepped and the treatment begins, you start to feel a warm to hot crackling or prickling sensation. This sensation and heat gradually build and eventually resemble a very intense sunburn. The peak of heat and discomfort is felt immediately after the treatment and gradually reduces over the following hour or so. Once complete, post-procedure products are applied, post-procedure instructions reviewed and all questions and concerns are addressed.

What is the healing process?

After the procedure, treated skin will be red, potentially swollen and feel almost feverish. This redness and swelling will gradually reduce over the first 3-5 days. However, severity of swelling and redness can wax and wane over this time depending upon hydration, elevation of the treated area, icing practices and your body’s own healing process. As the skin heals, small coffee ground-like speckling will develop and the skin will begin to feel coarse and dry. Once this process is complete, the brown speckling, swelling and redness will be completely gone and treated skin will return to normal.

What are the results?

You will begin to see improvements in texture, complexion and luminosity during the first few weeks following the procedure. Over the following few months, softening of fine lines, wrinkles, and scaring, and more textural improvement will occur. Ultimately, treated skin will continue to refine and remodel for a full 12 months following a single treatment. The final product will be healthier, brighter skin with reduced UV damage, smoother texture, finer lines, more even coloration and more graceful aging!

Hotze Med Spa

You may choose to forget or ignore the damage the sun has done to your skin, but your skin has not. If you would like to reverse this damage and have healthier, younger looking skin, don’t wait! Call Hotze Med Spa TODAY at (281) 698-8770 to see if you qualify for this innovative, top-of-the-line procedure, Halo Pro.


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