Introducing our NEW Stem Cell Facial

By: | Comments: 0 | September 6th, 2018

Introducing our NEW Stem Cell Facial!

We are so excited to introduce our new Stem Cell Facial! This is an amazing new upgrade to one of our fan favorite treatments, the SkinPen.  The Stem Cell Facial pairs our SkinPen microneedling treatment with a stem cell byproduct called Restoracell Skin Complex. This pairing accelerates and improves results while potentially reducing recovery time!

The use of stem cell byproducts in skin rejuvenating treatments is a no-brainer. Stem cells are specialized self-replicating cells that are capable of becoming any other type of cell. When applied with procedures like the SkinPen, these types of products have a major impact on our skin’s ability to repair and rejuvenate. In fact, stem cells and growth factors have been used in tissue and burn repair and regeneration for decades. The Stem Cell Facial is based off of that same science!

According to Burt Ensley, Ph.D., CEO and chairman of Protein Genomics, “Human stem cell byproducts (from skin or adipose tissue) appear to be the best candidates for use in skincare products due to their ability to produce the same types of cellular components that your body naturally uses to maintain a youthful appearance.” The byproduct used in our Stem Cell Facial is derived from adult adipose tissue and contains 10 different types of growth factors (EGF, VEGF, HGF, SDF-1a, etc.). These growth factors help maintain skin’s elasticity, stimulate growth, promote revascularization, aid in wound healing, increase production of new cells, and stimulate cellular differentiation.

This type of treatment is an excellent alternative to Botox or dermal fillers! Botox and fillers essentially act as Band-Aids for your concerns. Simply put, they temporarily freeze or artificially add volume to areas with deep lines or laxity. This provides a temporary mask for these issues without truly correcting them or reversing damage. However, when using natural alternatives like the Stem Cell Facial, we are able to reverse the appearance of these issues while correcting damage and restoring skin to a healthier state. Even more impressively, this is done by encouraging your own skin to remodel itself.

The Stem Cell Facial uses microneedling to create microchannels in the skin to stimulate your body’s natural wound healing process and to allow for proper absorption of the Restoracell Skin Complex, our stem cell byproduct. This naturally restores collagen, elastin and blood vessel development to regenerate new tissue and create a tightening or shrink-wrap effect on the skin. Who wouldn’t want to tighten and smooth their skin without the use of harmful chemicals or invasive procedures?

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