Our Leadership Team

Monica Luedecke

Monica Luedecke — President, Hotze Enterprises

Monica Luedecke began her tenure with the company in September of 1990 as the front desk receptionist. She was the fourth person Dr. Hotze hired on his staff.  She currently oversees over 70 staff members across all departments.  Monica spearheaded the development of Physician’s Preference (1993) and expanded its product offering from 2 to over 100 private-label and proprietary products.  In addition, she led the development of Hotze Pharmacy (2002, previously known as Premier Pharmacy) to streamline bioidentical hormone access to Hotze’s guests.  In addition to her duties as President, Monica recently obtained a BBA in General Business from the University of Houston – Downtown.

Shelley Madden — Chief Medical Administrator

Shelley Madden earned a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences from Texas A&M University in 2012. She joined the Hotze Enterprises team in September of 2015 as a Medical Administrative Assistant. Shelley willingly took on more responsibility during her tenure and was chosen as the Chief Medical Administrator in September of 2017. In this role she handles the administrative needs of her team, serves as the liaison between the medical team and other departments, and works tirelessly to ensure our guests have the best experience possible. Outside of work, Shelley enjoys spending time with her husband, fur babies, and nearby family.

Gina Teafatiller

Gina Teafatiller — Chief Marketing Officer

Gina Teafatiller began her tenure with Hotze Enterprises in 2002. She initially began working in the front office where she was quickly promoted to front office director. Since then, she has served as business director for Hotze Pharmacy and Hotze Vitamins and vice president of operations for Hotze Enterprises. In her latest role as chief marketing officer, Gina oversees the marketing, public relations and social media strategies of all three businesses. Gina received a BBA in Management Information Systems from Texas A&M University and a MBA from Houston Baptist University.

Kim Bennett, RPh — Director, Hotze Pharmacy

Kim grew up in Beaumont, Texas and received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Lamar University in 1991. She moved to Houston in 1993 to attend the University of Houston College of Pharmacy, where she received her Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy in 1995. She has 27 years of retail pharmacy experience and knowledge, and loves patient interaction most. Kim enjoys yoga, reading, sports, and spending time with her family, and is the proud mom of a beautiful twelve-year-old Russian-adopted daughter. In addition to being licensed in the state of Texas, Kim is also licensed in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia.

Stacey Bandfield — Director, New Guest Sales

Stacey Bandfield has been a member of the Hotze Enterprises team since October 2006. She started in the front office briefly, before being offered the administrative position in the new guest department. In March 2007, she moved into the executive department as the executive assistant to Steven F. Hotze, M.D. and Monica Luedecke. Because of her background as the political scheduler for Governor George W. Bush, she was subsequently promoted to Director of Scheduling and Governmental Affairs. Stacey is the co-host with Dr. Hotze on “Dr. Hotze’s Wellness Revolution” radio show which airs weekdays at 1 pm (Central) on KPRC AM 950 and iHeart radio. In July of 2017, Stacey was promoted to Director, New Guest Sales. Stacey received her BA in English Literature at Western Washington University.

James Bittick

James Bittick — Director, Hotze Vitamins

James was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and moved to the Houston area in 2004. He joined the Hotze Enterprises in 2009 working in the Hotze Pharmacy compounding lab. His experience in working with and bringing in high tech equipment led to an opportunity to join the Hotze Vitamins team to lead the Quality Control department and to implement the My Hotze Pak program. After leading the My Hotze Pak production and warehouse team, an opportunity to serve as the Business Director of Hotze Vitamins became available. He was promoted to his new role in July of 2017. Outside of work, James enjoys spending time with his wife, Kendal, and son, Liam.

Erica Torres-Dudziak — Director, Hotze Health Advantage

Erica Torres-Dudziak joined the Hotze Enterprises team in March of 2012 as a new guest consultant. She brought her entrepreneurial background in consulting, coaching, and training of six years with experience as a certified professional coach and image consultant, specializing in nonverbal communication. After one year as a new guest consultant, Erica transitioned into her role as the Director of Talent Recruitment & Development because of her background in recruitment and professional development. She oversaw the vision and planning for the talent recruitment and development department which includes recruitment, staff appreciation, and training while focusing most of her hands-on efforts in the staff training and skill development area. In November, 2013, she was also charged with managing the guest experience including assessing solutions to guest roadblocks, conducting guest interviews, and being the guest spokesperson. In March of 2016, Erica transitioned to New Guest Director. In January of 2017, Erica accepted her new role as Director, Hotze Health Advantage where she created a coaching support model for our guests and non-guests. Hotze Health Advantage includes online coaching programs, small group and 1:1 coaching, and Erica conducts Vision Workshops across the city to business teams to inspire them to reach new levels of success! Erica received her BA in Psychology at Cleveland State University.

Enjoli Marchand — Director, Talent, Recruitment & Development

Enjoli Marchand joined the Hotze Enterprises team in February of 2015 as the Talent, Recruitment & Development Coordinator. She brought years of Human Resources experience and understanding of local and federal laws. After one year as a Talent, Recruitment & Development Coordinator, Enjoli was promoted to her current role. Enjoli oversees the vision and planning for the talent recruitment and development department which includes recruitment, staff appreciation, annual reviews, compliance, team member wellness programs and training.  Enjoli received her BS in Sociology at Southern University A&M.

Janet Varela — Director, Front Office

Janet Varela joined the Hotze Enterprises team in September 2005 as a front office coordinator.  The following month, she moved into a full time role in the information systems department and then, in December 2006, Janet moved back to the front office to perform new guest checkouts.  She continued in this role until being promoted to front office director in June 2011 and, subsequently, to the leadership team in November 2011.  Janet attended SUNY Geneseo and C.W. Post College in New York State.

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