Is Undiagnosed Hypothyroidism Taking Over Your Life?

Comments: 7 | February 29th, 2016

Are you having all kinds of health problems, such as fatigue, brain fog, depression, migraines, unexplained weight gain, and trouble sleeping, but your doctor isn’t able to help you? Have you been offered sleep medications and antidepressants even though they don’t make you feel better? Have you suspected that you might have hypothyroidism because you have all the symptoms, but your doctor told you your blood work was normal? When you watch this video, you’ll realize that you are not alone, and you can get the answers you deserve.

Video Transcription
Hi, my name’s Sara and I’m here to tell you about a common condition that often goes undiagnosed by doctors, including specialists. I’m talking about hypothyroidism, and if you’ve experienced the symptoms I’m about to mention, you won’t want to miss the offer at the end of this blog.

Typical American Mom
You see, I’m a typical American mom. I spend my days working 9 to 5, while evenings and weekends are reserved for quality time with my husband and two amazing kids. Somehow, I’ve always been able to make it work and I guess that’s because I’ve always taken good care of myself. Keeping up with the latest nutrition and workout trends, and even managing stress well. That’s why I couldn’t understand it when my health took a sudden downward plunge a few years back.

I Don’t Feel Good Anymore
I went from being active and social, to feeling tired all the time. Some days I was so exhausted, I had to stay in bed, yet I couldn’t sleep at night. I decided to seek medical help and I visited my family doctor, my gynecologist and even an endocrinologist, but none of them would help. They all told me that my condition was normal. That it’s just what happens when you get older. They even suggested I was going through “the change.”

Diminished Quality of Life
Things got worse. I began forgetting things and then came the depression. I couldn’t stop gaining weight, even though I was dieting more intensely than ever. Oh, and the migraines. I pleaded with one of my doctors for some relief and he prescribed me an antidepressant. I was so disappointed. I really didn’t want it, but there were no other options, so I convinced myself that doctor knows best and took it. What a mistake. My life was quickly taken over by two words: side effects.

I had reached the end of my rope. That’s when I got a call from an old friend who had experienced the same symptoms I had: fatigue, depression, brain fog, weight gain and feeling cold all the time, just to name a few. Her quality of life diminished, her relationships grew strained and her career suffered, as her health spiraled out of control.

Get Your Life Back
She went to Hotze Health & Wellness Center, where the doctors actually listened to her, taking her symptoms at face value and explained that these were classic signs of hypothyroidism. With their help, she got her life back. With nothing to lose, I decided to try it for myself. Pretty soon my life improved dramatically. My migraines disappeared. I was sleeping well, thinking clearly again and I had energy to burn. I went back to being a better wife, a better mom and a better professional.

Does This Sound Like You?
If my story sounds a little too familiar to you, you owe it to yourself to find out how you can get your life back safely and naturally. You can start by reading Dr. Hotze’s latest book Hypothyroidism, Health & Happiness. Dr. Hotze has successfully treated over 30,000 patients for hypothyroidism and he’s one of the world’s foremost authorities on natural thyroid treatment. Don’t wait. Start taking control of your health today.

It’s Time to Get Your Life Back
It’s time for you to regain your health, feel great again, and get your life back. Call a wellness consultant today for a complimentary consultation and get a free copy of Dr. Hotze’s best-selling book, Hypothyroidism, Health & Happiness.


7 thoughts on “Is Undiagnosed Hypothyroidism Taking Over Your Life?

    • Joann

      I called and ask the very same question last month. I was told that I had to first pay the $5,000 and then submit the claim to my insurance. Not all insurance carriers covers this type of therapy.


    • Hotze Team

      Dear Nicki,

      Thank you for your question. No, we do not contract with insurance companies, because to do so would mean that they could dictate the type of treatment we offer, which would not allow us to treat patients naturally. We believe that the physician, not the insurance company, should recommend the treatment regimen for the patient. However, we can provide you with a statement of insurance codes, so you can submit the charges for reimbursement and find out if your insurance company will reimburse you.

      We do offer several payment plans through CareCredit, one of which offers 12 months at 0% interest. For more information, please contact a wellness consultant at 877-698-8698.


  1. Rebecca Bailey

    Three years ago I had most of these symptoms including migraines for some 30+ years. In March of 2013 I asked my chiropractor to help me get rid of my Typ II Diabetes which had been disgnosed about 1-1/2 ~ 2 years before. I had already gotten my migraines under control finally by avoiding sugar, and caffeine. He quickly put me on a strict Paleo Diet – no grain, no dairy, and no sugar. It was truly the hardest diet I’d ever done. Along with this he gave me blood sugar supplements, and many others. Plus a vitamin pack of his own creation. Within one year to the month my blood sugar was not only controlled, it was totally gone. I have researched for many years to rid myself of chronic pain, and illness that was only progressing to the point I was almost totally homebound. I lost my husband to cancer in 2012. As the grief has lessened in March of 2013 is when I began the biggest journey towards better health that I had done at this point. I’ve lost 70 lbs, the Type II Diabetes, and many other Hypothyroidism symptoms, as well as starting BioTE bio-identical hormones last June 2015. The remaining effects are mainly extreme Adrenal Fatigue, bloating, and diarrhea. Even though I have come such a long way when mainstream medicine completely failed me, I know I can go this last leg of my journey with Dr. Hotze, and staff. Because they are all Christian’s that for me is the cherry on top. God bless you Dr. Hotze, and staff. You are all blessing me more, and more on this daily journey to the finish line to win my race for great health, and happiness. I’ll be 62 within days of writing this, and I know that I will be able to sprint to the finish soon.
    ~ Rebecca Bailey


    • Hotze Health

      Dear Rebecca,

      Congratulations on controlling your blood sugar, overcoming type 2 diabetes and the 70 lb weight loss – that is wonderful! We are excited to be a part of your journey to good health. Thank you for your comment. Have a wonderful 62nd birthday!


  2. Linda

    I went to see Hotze Health & Wellness last September. I am doing things I never thought I could before (like wash the dishes at night & keep my apartment clean & organized!). I only make around $14.22 per hour, so that first visit was hard financially. Luckily I have an FSA and was able to use that for half of it. It is well worth the cost!! I feel like I have a life when I never did before. I’ve been telling all my friends & family about it. Try to do what you can to save up so you can do it. The first year is the most expensive as it takes them a lot of time to get you back to what normal really should be. They will probably never take insurance because insurances would make them do things they didn’t (such as stop compounding natural hormones & use dangerous drugs instead!), so I would recommend that instead of waiting for them to take insurance, save up money. If you are still unsure, call and purchase the two books Dr. Hotze wrote. They are amazing and will help you see the value of what they are offering, and help you have knowledge you need to ‘get by’ better until you can come see them!


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