31 Tips for Breast Cancer Prevention

Comments: 1 | October 1st, 2014

Would you like to learn 31 tips for breast cancer prevention?

breast cancer prevention

Are you experiencing fatigue, weight gain, trouble concentrating, hair loss, insomnia, difficulty losing weight, muscle and joint pain, and depressed moods? These are all signs that you could have hormone imbalance and deficiencies, which are a risk factor for breast cancer.  Take our health quiz now to find out!


One thought on “31 Tips for Breast Cancer Prevention

  1. Pat

    Folks, you forgot a CRITICALLY IMPORTANT WAY to prevent breast cancer. DO NOT GET AN ABORTION. Abortion greatly increases a woman’s risk of getting the most virulent kind of breast cancer, triple negative. This is one risk factor that is totally preventable. This has been shown in multiple studies. WOMEN DESERVE AND NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS. Thank you.


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