Are you sick all the time? Debra’s Story

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Are you sick all the time? Debra’s story will show you the power of balancing your hormones and boosting your immune system.

Debra was always getting sick with chest congestion and allergies.  She always lost her voice which she needed for her ministry.  Doctors would prescribe her antibiotics.  Dr. Hotze reveals how hormonal balance is key to a healthy immune system.  She has never been sick another day in her life!

Video Transcription:

Deborah: Welcome back. Do you feel like you’re always getting sick, that no matter what you do nothing helps? Our next guest says the key to your health starts with your hormones. He’s here to bring a little hormone harmony. Welcome Dr. Steven Hotze, the founder and CEO of Hotze Health & Wellness Center, along with his patient Debra George. Good morning.

Deborah, you were one of those people, those people that no matter what you tried, you look healthy on the outside, but you’re always coming down with something, always weren’t feeling well.

Debra George: That’s correct, in fact, I was hospitalized with pneumonia. I always had chest congestion, a fever, and was losing my voice, until I met Dr. Hotze.

Deborah: What was the answer before you met Dr. Hotze, because it’s the typical thing that we do in medicine, and they would do what?

Debra George: Yes, I was going to the doctor, being prescribed antibiotics, only to get well for a short period of time and then to get sick again. I was in a non-ending cycle.

Deborah: Dr. Hotze, the CDC said probably the next big crisis we have coming our way is the fact that we have given antibiotics so often to people, that when it comes to those super-viruses and super-bugs, they’re not going to be able to fight it, so we have to think twice before we just take antibiotics, and if when she was constantly sick the key is to ask, “Why is she constantly sick?”

Dr. Hotze: That’s exactly right. She came in … the year 2000?

Deborah: Yes, sir.

Dr. Hotze: Fifteen years ago, so she came with chronic allergies that had led to infections, but she was only being treated for the secondary infections caused by the underlying allergic disorder. We tested her to determine what level she was sensitive to of the common airborne allergies: weed, tree, and grass, pollens; dust mites; mold spores and animal danders.

People might know about that because we’re right in the middle of weed pollen season right now and the right weed and all the pollens are out, so people have chronic congestion and sinus problems. You have to treat the underlying problem which is the allergic disorder. You want to get the load off of the immune system. Our immune system is overloaded with allergies, which gives you the chronic drainage and it’s a culture media for bacteria so you will get chronic infections.
We tested her for airborne allergies, and put her on sublingual allergy drops rather than shots.

Deborah: I take those sublingual drops and it’s like the symptoms just go away like that, yeah.

Dr. Hotze: We put her on that and then I think we put you on some thyroid as well.

Debra George: Yeah.

Deborah: Here’s the other thing, we talk about the immune system, it’s not just the system all by itself. There are different things that impact the immune system.

Dr. Hotze: Right.

Deborah: One is your thyroid.

Dr. Hotze: Well, the thyroid hormones, sex hormones and adrenal hormones, and the allergies in the environment, all these can adversely affect your immune system so that you can’t bounce back and you get secondary infections, that’s what the CDC is talking about. By taking all these antibiotics over and over again, you can get resistant bugs. Why not treat the underlying problem?

Deborah: Yeah.

Dr. Hotze: Get the immune system healthy. If you’re taking antibiotics over and over again, you’ve got a problem with your immune system.

Debra George: Yeah, in fact I was …

Dr. Hotze: You ought to get the immune system built up and get it healthy.

Deborah: …I was asked, when I had hypothyroidism, as you know the story very well, and they were giving me medications to deal with every symptom. I’m like, “That’s not fixing the problem.” One of the questions I was asked is, “Are you getting sick?” I was the kid who had perfect attendance when I went through school. I was the one that had the … Oh, yeah and I was like, I was really irritating so I go, “Hey, did I make honor roll? So did I. Did you get the perfect attendance award because I didn’t miss one single day of school.” It didn’t sit well with me getting sick all the time but the reason why was hypothyroidism.

Dr. Hotze: You were hypothyroid and I think, this was after your baby and so the immune system was under pressure because your female hormones were out of balance after that and that adversely affects the thyroid. We ended up putting you on some allergy drops.

Debra George: Yes.

Dr. Hotze: We had to neutralize and to immunize you.

Deborah: Progesterone can help as well, right?

Dr. Hotze: We put you on natural progesterone, and thyroid and a good eating program.

Debra George: Yes, sir.

Dr. Hotze: Tell me, over the last 15 years, how often have you been sick?

Debra George: I have not been sick at all.

Deborah: Perfect attendance girl.

Debra George: I’ve never had problem again. It’s amazing because I was constantly losing my voice, constantly running a fever, and constantly being congested.

Deborah: At first you just think it’s because you’re just busy. A lot of us just think …

Debra George: Exactly.

Deborah: … I got to slow down a little bit, I’m busy. I just I want to brag on you for a minute. Tell folks one of the things that you do.
Debra George: Oh my, well that’s the exciting part because I am honored and blessed because Dr. Hotze really got my health back up so that I can go into local churches. I train teams to win souls, to bring lost people out of the kingdom of darkness and to the glorious light and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Deborah: People doing prostitution, drug addicts, the whole group.

Debra George: Yes ma’am, we go into the most dangerous areas, the prostitution crack districts, across America. We bring the ladies toiletry items, we go in the strip clubs, we hang bling on them, and we pray for them. We bring them to church. We are out there being the hands in faith of Jesus Christ.

Deborah: You’re not trying to be sick?

Debra George: I’m not trying to be sick.

Deborah: Yeah, you’re not trying to be sick right now. Right.

Dr. Hotze: This woman, she’s amazing.

Deborah: She’s got things to do. All right, one of the other things I just want to throw out there is that because we hear these things, I think more often now than before, balancing your hormones, the whole bit, but like DHEA and like what that means.

Dr. Hotze: DHEA is dehydroepiandrosterone, which is an adrenal hormone. The adrenal glands are on top of the kidneys and they’re your stress organs. Your body makes adrenaline. Everybody has heard about that fight or flight before a big game, when everybody is pumped up, and that’s for short term stress. Your body also makes cortisol and DHEA which supports your immune system. It’s an important hormone from the adrenal gland and often times as we age, we get adrenal fatigue and that’s part of the immune system being unhealthy. You need those hormones from the adrenal gland to keep the immune system healthy.

Deborah: You’re stressing your body, yeah. The thing is we’re outgrowing certain things in our body.

Dr. Hotze: Yeah, when your body is under stress, it produces cortisol and the adrenal glands become fatigued and so you don’t produce enough and that adversely affects the female hormones and the thyroid hormones. All the hormones work together synergistically, that’s why if you just take one hormone, you can get out of balance. We like to give a little bit of each one of them as we mature so we have balance.

Deborah: Right, right and give your body the optimum ability to fight anything.

Dr. Hotze: Right and that helps improve the immune system and then instead of getting infections, being put on antibiotics all the time and having all these bugs that are basically immune to the antibiotics, now your immune system heals itself.

Deborah: Yeah, all right. Well, Dr. Hotze has written two books about hormones and hypothyroidism. It explains this very well, very easily so you get an idea of how hormones might be affecting you.

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