Suzanne Somers on Dancing with the Stars: The Secret to Having Great Energy

Comments: 0 | March 23rd, 2015

Suzanne Somers on Dancing with the Stars: The Secret to Having Great Energy

How does Suzanne Somers do it?

Do you ever wonder how Suzanne Somers, at 68 years of age, is able to stay healthy, active and have energy, so much so that she is able to join the cast of Dancing with the Stars?  All the grueling dance rehearsals can take a lot out of a person, but Suzanne Somers makes it look easy.  Why is that?  She has taken great care of herself over the years by replenishing her body with what it needs, naturally.

Suzanne’s Secret to Great Health
Suzanne takes care of her health by keeping optimal hormone levels with bioidentical hormones (identical to the hormones created by our body).  She also eats a healthy diet of organic foods, takes vitamins and minerals, detoxifies her body and stays physically active.

How would you like to feel when you are 68 years old?
If you were 68 years old today, how would you expect to feel? Tired, forgetful, slowing down, and needing lots of naps? You don’t have to feel that way.  Here is what you have the chance to experience as you age if you take charge of your health naturally:

Plenty of energy
No negative health symptoms
Clear thinking
No memory loss
Great sleep
Ideal body weight
Living the active lifestyle you want
Libido intact and a wonderful relationship with your husband
A life you love

If Suzanne can take charge of her health, you can, too.  To learn more about how she does it, check out Suzanne Somers’ book, Breakthrough: Eight Steps to Wellness, where Dr. Hotze was featured as one of the experts.  Be sure to watch Suzanne Somers tonight on Dancing with the Stars – her energy is inspiring!

Would you like to learn how to get more energy, no matter what your age?  Take our symptom checker health quiz to find out if the symptoms of hormonal decline could be the cause of your low energy.


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