Are Allergies Making you Sick
7Mar, 2016

Are Allergies Making you Sick?

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Are allergies making you sick? Allergies are more than just a nuisance. You may not think a sneezy, runny nose is anything to worry about, but allergy symptoms are an indicator of an underlying problem and should not be ignored.

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26Oct, 2015

Treating Your Allergies Without Over the Counter Medications

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Allergies wreak havoc on how you’re feeling, from your sinuses to your eyes, your breathing, your energy levels, and your physical wellness as a whole. Dealing with allergies when you are pregnant or trying to avoid medications for other health reasons can be tricky, especially as you may not know where to start. Some medications provide almost instant relief, but the side effects are sometimes worse than the allergies themselves, or simply not worth the risk. Rather than taking over-the-counter medications or just suffering, trust in the efficacy of our […]

12Oct, 2015

Dr. Hotze on Fall Allergies and Food Allergies

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Dr. Hotze was on the Sam Malone Show to discuss how to overcome fall allergies and food allergies. Are you wondering if allergies could be the cause of your symptoms?  Click here to take our allergy symptom checker quiz today! If you’re sniffling your way through spring, it might be time for a change. Click on the button below to get our Allergy Prevention Guide today, and call us  at 877-698-8698 to find out how you can fix your allergies for good. Click Here to Get Your Guide

5Oct, 2011

Asthma Prevention – Heidi C.’s Story

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Heidi had severe allergies and asthma.  She had sneezing, runny eyes, and chronic sinus infections.  She could not even be outside or around other people.  She had weekly allergy shots and several inhalers.  She was also tired all the time.  Today, Heidi does not have any more issues with allergies and has not used and inhaler in 2 years!  Listen to how she got her life back!

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