Flu Shot or Not
8Sep, 2011

Flu Prevention: Flu Shot or Not?

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We hear this question over and over again, year after year: Should I get a flu shot or not?  There is a lot of advertising that strongly advocates getting the flu vaccine annually. It’s easy to understand why so many people struggle with this decision.  You can’t blame them.  To us, the choice is clear. Absolutely, you should be very concerned about injecting yourself, or your children, with a foreign substance that contains a toxic combination of chemicals and harmful additives. These additives have unknown and even lasting consequences such […]

30Aug, 2011

Solving Your Sleep Issues

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American’s rampant sleep problem is clearly evidenced by the number of sleep aids currently sold and purchased on the market today. Shockingly, there was a 70 percent increase in the number of prescriptions filled for sleeping pills from 2002 to 2008; in 2008, a staggering 56 million prescriptions were filled. It’s likely you currently have a sleep aid in your medicine cabinet. If this is you, please read on carefully because what we're about to share with you just might solve your sleep issues once and for all.

6Aug, 2011

Why Americans Are Turning to Alternative Healthcare

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There are 350 million visits to medical doctors each year.  This is a large number, but did you know that there are more than 420 million visits to alternative practitioners each year?  That is 70 million more visits from people who are choosing to look beyond conventional therapies to alternative medicine for answers to their health problems and the trend is ever increasing.