12Oct, 2015

Dr. Hotze on Fall Allergies and Food Allergies

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Dr. Hotze was on the Sam Malone Show to discuss how to overcome fall allergies and food allergies. Are you wondering if allergies could be the cause of your symptoms?  Click here to take our allergy symptom checker quiz today! If you’re sniffling your way through spring, it might be time for a change. Click on the button below to get our Allergy Prevention Guide today, and call us  at 877-698-8698 to find out how you can fix your allergies for good. Click Here to Get Your Guide

3Jun, 2015

Dr. Hotze on Weight Loss and Hormones

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Do you exercise and eat healthy, but still have trouble losing weight?  A missing link is often hormonal imbalance.  Dr. Hotze reveals the connection between weight loss and hormones. Top 6 Causes of Weight Gain Click on the below button to get your Top 6 Causes of Weight Gain: The Woman’s Guide to Weight Loss download guide today! This is the perfect time to make the kind of change that can permanently improve and transform your quality of life. Take charge of your health today! Click Here to Get Your […]

10Jun, 2014

Dr. Hotze on Detoxification and Hormonal Balance

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Are you wondering why you have difficulty losing weight, fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, migraines and irregular cycles? Dr. Hotze explains how the chemicals and toxins in our environment act as hormone disruptors. Find out how you can restore your health naturally!

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