Pamela’s Story

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I have always had an energy level of about five people put together, and I am grateful daily for that genetic gift. My life has been gifted with several wonderful, inspirational leaders that has contributed to my well being, health, and spirit. Thank you all for everything you have given to me! Life is good!!
I didn’t think this way about three years ago. Everyday my energy was draining from my body. I have always worked out five to six days a week, but even that was such an effort. After my three mile run I wanted to sleep to recover my energy. I often wondered if my body had stopped producing endorphins. I knew I was probably experiencing some early stages of menopause so I made an appointment to get a well woman exam. It was time to make sure that I was not trying to diagnose myself.
When I went to a specialist to have a complete exam she decided to draw blood, have an EKG, pap exam, and spent about 15 minutes listening to my complaints about not having any energy. I also told her that I was having difficulty about two nights a week sleeping. I told her that I would wake up at night and my heart was having several palpitations and that I could not go back to sleep. She confirmed my theory and told me that she wanted to wait for the lab results to be final and that she would give me a call next week when they received the results.
She recommended that I take a mild antidepressant at night time as this was the new medical treatment for women in menopause. She acknowledged that it had nothing to do with depression, but it would help me sleep at night. I refused. I also questioned her about my thyroid since I had slowly gained about 8 pounds in the last two years, and I was barely eating 2500 calories which was so different than my normal first forty years. She said I was too thin to have thyroid problems and told me I did not have any symptoms.  I responded with my hair loss, dry skin, constipation, 96 degree body temperature in the morning, extreme loss of energy, and irregular heartbeats at night. 
I also told her I felt my immune system was not working well since I was getting sick several times a year. Her response to my complaints as she smiled at me was that all of these symptoms were part of the aging process and menopause. You look great for your age! Be Grateful!!! I walked out of the office that day with the worst case of depression I have ever had. Be Grateful??? Is there nothing I can do? She also wanted me to see a cardiologist. I did not think that was necessary since I never had the irregular heart beats except while I was sleeping!!!
I have worked around several surgeons of all kinds in the past 23 years as a certified registered nurse anesthetist. I had three wonderful children, all girls. Is this what they want to see when they get my age? I have been divorced for 18 years and have raised my children myself. They are all in college now, and they are doing well. Why should I not have more energy? I went each year to a new physician with the same symptoms and complaints. I even asked them to check my thyroid. Again, I heard the same thing from all of them.
I often wondered if they prescribed antidepressants to men when they had difficulty sleeping. Too many pills for all the wrong reasons!! Ask me, I put patients to sleep everyday and ninety percent are taking antidepressants. Most of them are women between the ages of 35 years to 65 years old.
Another two years went by, and I was having all the same symptoms yet they were getting worse.  Now, I was not able to sleep five nights a week. My hair was very thin and getting some balding spots. I remember when I had my operating hat off one of my patients said to me, “are you going bald?” I thought I would cry. Several surgeons I worked with would tell me to see a cardiologist. They thought it sounded like I needed Inderal or some other cardiac drug. I refused. It seemed like my immune system had deteriorated.
Finally, I had had enough. An angel walked into my office one day. As I was doing a procedure with her, she asked me if I was feeling alright. I did all I could not to burst in tears. She told me I just didn’t look healthy. She gave me Dr. Hotze’s phone number and told me to call him. I thanked her and put it on my desk and looked at it for about four months. I had asked several physicians if they heard anything about him.  Some had, and some had not.
I waited another three months. Finally, I picked up the phone, called, and made an appointment at his facility. The receptionist told me they do not take insurance and gave me all the detailed information I needed so that I would be prepared. I thought to myself that I had already seen three physicians, and yet, my symptoms were only getting worse. Am I worth the expense to get healthy? YES, I AM.
My appointment was on a Monday, and I remember every minute of the six hours I was there. I spent at least two hours with Dr. Ellsworth telling him my complaints over the last three to six years. He sat there listening to me and documenting my entire story. I felt better just being heard. He did not recommend antidepressants or cardiac medications. He did however recommend compounded hormones, vitamins, and a yeast free diet.  I was very interested and determined to try what he advised.  I must tell you however, that I was very skeptical and concerned that all of the vitamins and medication that was recommended to me were not really going to change my symptoms. After all, I have been educated to believe the “Western Medicine” theory that pharmaceutical drugs were the way to go.
The first night I came home I took the recommended vitamins at night and had the most restful sleep I had ever had. Dr. Ellsworth phoned me the next day to see how I was! Not his nurse but him! Wow! I was so impressed that the doctor I had seen was concerned about my well being!  That gave me more determination to try his recommendations.
It took about three months to battle the challenging diet but after the first ten days I seemed to start feeling much better all day long. I started seeing a change in my body, I lost ten pounds and each day I seemed to have more and more energy.   My heart palpitations are almost extinct, and I have not missed a night’s sleep since my first visit to the Hotze clinic.  My hair stopped falling out, and soon I was getting it trimmed every 12 weeks instead of two times a year. My skin was getting back to normal, my bowel movements were normal again, and my memory seemed to be getting sharper with each day. My immune system is strong again. I have increased my 3 mile a day run to 5.5 miles a day, six days a week and I feel I could go on longer. My endorphins do kick in, and I feel them when I stimulate them!!!   I haven’t been sick since I’ve followed my prescribed Hotze plan. 
After eight months I felt like a new person. My cholesterol has gotten back to normal, and I finally realized that I never knew how bad I felt until I felt so good again!  There isn’t a day that passes that I get a comment from someone on how great I look and how do I have so much energy! I am more than happy to tell them my story! I have followed the Hotze plan for over one year, and I am hooked. I feel so great again that I will never want to ever go back to that “loss of My Life”. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you. Your knowledge has changed my life. I feel GOOD!!!!

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Written By: STEVEN F. HOTZE, M.D.

Steven F. Hotze, M.D., is the founder and CEO of the Hotze Health & Wellness Center, Hotze Vitamins and Physicians Preference Pharmacy International, LLC.