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26Jul, 2016

Lupus – Susan H.’s Story

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Susan was diagnosed with lupus and had bad joint pain, hair loss and a 50 lb weight gain caused by all the prescriptions her doctors had prescribed for her. She felt bad all the time. Learn the secret to how Susan got rid of her lupus symptoms naturally!

What your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Having a Hysterectomy
18Jul, 2016

What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Having a Hysterectomy

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Ladies, do you have heavy bleeding, irregular periods or uterine fibroids? Are you struggling to find the right solution to end your misery because it’s interfering with your life? If so, then your doctor may have recommended that you have a hysterectomy. It’s time to address some important facts about having a hysterectomy, whether or not it’s really necessary, and how it affects your health.

10May, 2016

Why You Need a Monthly Facial

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  Most spa-goers underestimate the benefits of a monthly facial. They tend to prefer to try their own hand at exfoliation and extractions, and only seek a trained aesthetician before a special event or if their skin becomes unmanageable. But let’s face it, there’s only so much you can do in front of your bathroom mirror. Drugstore scrubs can be harsh on your skin, blackheads and whiteheads are challenging to extract, and at-home treatments so often fall short, or even aggravate the existing blemishes. To achieve a glowing, healthy visage, […]

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