14Dec, 2016

Overcoming Depression Naturally – Rose’s Story

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Are you struggling with depression during the holidays? Do you feel depressed, but you can’t shake it off? By restoring her hormones and thyroid function, Rose’s symptoms began to disappear, her depression lifted, and she felt like her old self again. If you are struggling with depression, please don’t lose hope. Hormone balance is key for overcoming depression naturally and you, too, can beat depression and get your life back. Rose's story will give you hope!

24Oct, 2016

Low Testosterone in Young Men – Andrew P.’s Story

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Andrew had extremely low energy and terrible moods. He also had no drive and it was difficult for him to get up in the morning. It is possible to have low testosterone in young men. After replenishing his testosterone levels with bioidentical testosterone, he lost 40 lbs and has lots of energy! Andrew also has his drive and motivation back, and a much happier outlook on life.

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