25Aug, 2021

Improve Menopause Skin Changes with SkinPen®

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Ladies, have you noticed a change in your skin as you enter menopause? There are a number of factors that cause your skin to age, but one of the largest culprits is “the change” itself. Did you know that these effects can be prevented and managed without the use of harmful drugs or invasive proc

heart with coronary artery disease
18Aug, 2021

Dr. Hotze and Dr. Stephen Sinatra on Inflammation and Heart Disease

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Dr. Steven Hotze and Dr. Stephen Sinatra discuss the true cause of heart disease. Podcast Highlights: 6:06: There was an article that came out of India which demonstrated that statin drugs that lower cholesterol also lower CoQ10 in the body because the metabolic arm of cholesterol shares the same Co

3 Common Mental Health Issues Caused by Hormonal Decline
4Aug, 2021

Common Causes of Depression, Anxiety, and Brain Fog in Women

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Some of the most common symptoms that women experience as they get older are related to brain function. If you haven’t already heard, the decline in your hormones as you age is a common culprit. The good news is that you can do something to correct it, naturally, without having to be put on a psy