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21Sep, 2022

Exhausted, Brain Fog, Weight Gain: How Sheri Got Her Life Back

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Do you struggle with low energy, poor sleep, weight gain, thinning hair, heavy menstrual cycles, brain fog, fibromyalgia or other unexplained symptoms? Did your doctor tell you that your blood  tests are all “normal,” but you don’t feel normal? That’s what happened to Sheri. Watch as Dr. Ho

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8Sep, 2022

How to Beat Ragweed Allergies

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Ragweed allergy is a leading cause of allergic rhinitis (hay fever), which affects more than 23 million people in the United States. 75% of people who are allergic to pollen are also allergic to ragweed. In the late summer, about 15% of Americans have symptoms from an allergy to ragweed pollen. Have

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24Aug, 2022

Dr. Hotze on Thyroid Function and Your Health

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In this podcast video and transcription, Dr. Hotze discusses why optimal thyroid function is crucial for good health. Learn the common symptoms of hypothyroidism and how you can restore your thyroid function back to normal. Podcast Highlights: 1:36: The T4 has to be secreted into the blood and then

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18Aug, 2022

5 Causes of Stress, Low Energy, and Lack of Focus in Teens

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Do you have a teenager who is suffering with stress, anxiety, lack of focus, and low energy?  Are they struggling with their school work?  Are they feeling depressed and discouraged because they are not able to accomplish their goals? Teens should be filled with energy and enthusiasm during this t

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1Aug, 2022

Hormones and Skin Health

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Beautiful skin is something that is desired by everyone. We all want to maintain that youthful glow throughout our lives as much as possible. Various factors affect your skin, including what you eat, genetics, and lifestyle choices. Are you wondering if hormones affect your skin, even thyroid hormon

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20Jul, 2022

Dr. Donald Ellsworth on the Benefits of Rapamycin (aka Sirolimus)

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In this podcast, Dr. Steven Hotze interviews Dr. Donald Ellsworth about the many benefits of Rapamycin. You don’t want to miss this great information! Podcast Highlights: 2:48: Rapamycin, which is actually, while it is a prescription medication, it’s also a natural product. It was actually f