Brain Fog

7 Neurological Conditions That Can be Caused by Gluten
1Aug, 2018

7 Reasons Gluten is Bad for Your Brain

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The gluten-free diet has become well known today because it has helped so many people resolve their gastrointestinal symptoms and feel better.  However, did you know that gluten can also cause neurological conditions? Discover 7 reasons gluten is bad for your brain.

10Jul, 2018

The Gut-Brain Connection: Healing the Mind through Gut Health

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Have you ever had butterflies in your stomach when you were nervous? Have you ever had an upset stomach when you are really stressed and anxious? Did you know there is a relationship between your digestive health and mental health? Discover the gut-brain connection and how you can heal your mind through optimal gut health.

4Jun, 2018

2 Reasons Why Men Lose Focus and Concentration

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Men, has your mental focus and concentration gone out the window? You used to be sharp and on top of your game, but now it feels like you’re in a fog and you have a hard time conducting business or taking care of finances. This lack of mental clarity is a common symptom experienced by men as they age. Here are 2 common reasons why men lose focus and concentration – and what you can do about it.

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