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23Jun, 2020

Dr. Erika Schwartz on the Importance of Hormone Balance and Vitamins

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Dr. Hotze is joined by special guest, best-selling author, and physician from New York City, Dr. Erika Schwartz. She is the author of several top-rated books including “Don’t Let Your Doctor Kill You.”  Her own battle with hormone imbalance led her to research bioidentical hormones and preven

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12May, 2020

How to Keep Your Brain Sharp

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May is Mental Health Month and we want to address some of the common symptoms women and men experience. Do you have difficulty concentrating at work? Do you have trouble remembering people’s names? Do you feel like your brain is in a fog? Fortunately, there are many natural things you can do to ke

15 Ways to Take Good Care of Yourself
20Aug, 2019

15 Ways to Take Good Care of Yourself

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In this non-stop, busy world, it’s essential that you take time out regularly for YOU. We often neglect to do this because there’s always one more project to work on, one more email to answer, housework to be done…the list is endless. However, it’s okay to just stop once in a while and rech