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22Oct, 2019

Myth: A Hysterectomy Will Solve Your Health Issues

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Approximately 600,000 hysterectomies are performed annually in the United States. Approximately 20 million American women have had a hysterectomy. Hysterectomy is the 2nd most frequently performed surgical procedure (after cesarean section) for U.S. women who are of reproductive age. (1) Many women are told by their doctor that having a hysterectomy will solve their health issues. However, often women have a rude awakening after the surgery.  They don’t feel like themselves anymore. They have headaches, anxiety, can’t sleep, moodiness, and no energy. They just plain feel horrible. Why does this […]

12 Tips for Hot Flashes Relief
27Jun, 2019

12 Tips for Hot Flash Relief

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Ladies, are you lying awake all night because you're sweating so much that your pajamas and bed sheets are drenched? You may be at work in a meeting, wearing your best suit, and all of the sudden you can't stop sweating. Hot flashes can be miserable (and embarrassing when around other people). You need help fast! Here are 12 tips for hot flash relief.

Top 5 Most Asked Hormone Questions by Women in 2018
26Nov, 2018

Top 5 Most Asked Hormone Questions by Women in 2018

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Hormones can be a confusing thing for many women. How do you know if you need them? What do your symptoms mean? Is this just a part of aging? Learn the top 5 most asked hormone questions by women in 2018.

6 Things Every Woman Should Know for Optimal Health
3Oct, 2018

6 Things Every Woman Should Know for Optimal Health

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Are you having a difficult time finding a doctor who can actually tell you what is causing your symptoms, much less treat them effectively? As a woman, you know it’s not always easy getting the right help. Discover 6 things every woman should know for optimal health that can help save you a lot of frustration in the future.

9 Ways Estrogen Improves Women’s Health in Menopause
4Apr, 2018

9 Benefits of Estrogen for Menopause

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Are you struggling with hot flashes and night sweats? Are your moods all over the place? Are you having difficulty sleeping? As women enter menopause, the decline in estrogen can cause many miserable health symptoms, however you don’t have to live with it. Learn 9 benefits of estrogen for menopause.