Natural Solutions for Mom’s Top 7 Health Symptoms
9May, 2018

Natural Solutions for Mom’s Top 7 Health Symptoms

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This Mother's Day, we want to take time to celebrate all the moms out there. As a mom, we appreciate all you do, and we want to offer some solutions that can be helpful to YOU. Discover natural solutions for mom’s top 7 health symptoms so that you can feel your best and be the best mom you want to be.

18Apr, 2018

The Natural Solution: Melatonin for Better Sleep

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Do you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep at night? When it’s finally time to lay your head on your pillow, is your mind still going and it’s hard to shut it off? We all know how important sleep is to our health, so Dr. Hotze discusses an important hormone for sleep as he shares a simple, natural solution - melatonin for better sleep.

9 Ways Estrogen Improves Women’s Health in Menopause
4Apr, 2018

9 Benefits of Estrogen for Menopause

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Are you struggling with hot flashes and night sweats? Are your moods all over the place? Are you having difficulty sleeping? As women enter menopause, the decline in estrogen can cause many miserable health symptoms, however you don’t have to live with it. Learn 9 benefits of estrogen for menopause.

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