hormones and joint pain
23Jul, 2019

Joint Pain – Could it be Your Hormones?

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Are you suffering from joint pain? Do your knees and wrists hurt all the time? If you also suffer from symptoms such as fatigue, depressed moods, difficulty sleeping, and brain fog, then that could be the key to finding the underlying cause of your pain. You may be surprised to discover that your joint pain could be caused by hormonal decline.

18Jun, 2019

Depression in Men: The Low Testosterone Connection

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Depression is very common in today’s society. Although depression is more common in women, it also occurs at significantly high levels in men. Did you know that low testosterone is a common cause of depression in men? Learn the signs, causes and a natural solution for depression in men.

Bioidentical Testosterone for Low Libido in Men
25Jun, 2018

Bioidentical Testosterone for Low Libido in Men

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Are you ready to put the spark back in your love life? It could be as simple as restoring your testosterone levels to normal. Low libido is a common health concern as men get older, but Viagra is not the answer. Learn why bioidentical testosterone for low libido in men is the best, natural and safe solution.