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Carrie Underwood Revealed She Suffered Miscarriages
21May, 2019

Carrie Underwood Revealed She Suffered Multiple Miscarriages

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Country music star Carrie Underwood is a mom of two young sons, however it wasn’t an easy road getting there. She recently opened up about having multiple miscarriages. Having a miscarriage is a heartbreaking, painful experience. Many women have difficulty carrying a pregnancy to term, and there

2Apr, 2019

Dr. William Davis on Grains and Heart Disease (Continued)

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Join Dr. Hotze and his special guest, Dr. William Davis, author of Wheat Belly and Undoctored, as they continue their discussion on how wheat and whole grains cause a long list of symptoms and diseases, including heart disease, as we age. They also guide us in how to eliminate these from our diet an

The Top 5 Nutrition Mistakes
28Mar, 2019

The Top 5 Nutrition Mistakes to Avoid

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March is National Nutrition Month, which means now is an excellent time to cover an important subject concerning how we nourish ourselves: the mistakes we make which cause us to fall short of our daily nutritional needs. Learn the top 5 nutrition mistakes to avoid so that you can live a healthy life