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2Jun, 2021

2 Common Reasons Why Men Lose Focus and Concentration

Written By: STEVEN F. HOTZE, M.D. | Tags: , , ,

Men, has your mental focus and concentration gone out the window? You used to be sharp and on top of your game, but now it feels like you’re in a fog and you have a hard time conducting business or taking care of finances. This lack of mental clarity is a common symptom experienced by men as the

anxious woman biting nails
18Aug, 2020

What’s Causing Your Anxiety?

Written By: STEVEN F. HOTZE, M.D. | Tags:

Are you struggling with anxiety and constant worry? Do you have panic attacks? These feelings are very uncomfortable and can interfere with your daily life. Why is this happening? On this podcast, Dr. Hotze explains the five most common reasons you may be experiencing anxiety and what you can do abo