Best Kept Secret for Beating Asthma
19Sep, 2018

Best Kept Secret for Beating Asthma

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If you’ve ever experienced an asthma attack, you know how frightening it can be to not to be able to breathe. Asthma can severely affect one’s quality of life. You may be limited in what you can do, such as you may not be able to go outside to exercise or work in the garden. But we have some good news. Did you know that there is one simple mineral that can help prevent and stop asthma in its tracks? Discover the best kept secret for beating asthma.

11Mar, 2014

Asthma – Jim Kaye’s Story

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Jim suffered with severe asthma and allergies since he was a young child.  He had several near death experiences.  Now Jim has his asthma and allergies under control and he is living life to the fullest!  Listen to discover how Hotze Health & Wellness Center helped Jim transform his life!

5Oct, 2011

Asthma Prevention – Heidi C.’s Story

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Heidi had severe allergies and asthma.  She had sneezing, runny eyes, and chronic sinus infections.  She could not even be outside or around other people.  She had weekly allergy shots and several inhalers.  She was also tired all the time.  Today, Heidi does not have any more issues with allergies and has not used and inhaler in 2 years!  Listen to how she got her life back!