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14Feb, 2018

Fibroids and Poor Health on Premarin – Cindy’s Story

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Do you have fibroids and poor health while taking Premarin? Cindy was placed on Premarin which caused her to develop huge fibroids and have a total hysterectomy. She had no energy, couldn't sleep and couldn't lose weight.  Watch to learn how Dr. Hotze helped Cindy get her energy and vitality back!

18Mar, 2013

Eating right and exercising, but still can’t lose weight? Pam W.’s Story

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Do you exercise and eat a healthy diet, but still can't lose weight? Do you have symptoms such as fatigue, trouble sleeping and hair loss? Are you worried about your high cholesterol? These are all symptoms of hypothyroidism that can be treated naturally. Pam shares how she lost weight and lowered her cholesterol naturally by treating her hypothyroidism with bioidentical hormones.

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