How Childbirth Affects Hormones
12Feb, 2018

How Childbirth Affects Hormones | Estrogen Dominance, Postpartum Thyroiditis & Adrenal Health

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If your health began to gradually decline after the birth of your child, you’re not alone. The extreme fatigue, depressed moods, recurrent infections, inability to lose weight and menstrual problems are often a shared experience for many women. Learn how how childbirth affects your hormones and what you can do about it.

tired all the time after childbirth
23Jul, 2012

Tanya’s Story: Are you tired all the time after childbirth?

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After the birth of her daughter, Tanya's life changed.  She became very tired all the time and she gained weight. Tanya felt like her life was great, but she did not feel like her old self. She saw mainstream doctors who offered her antidepressants, even though she felt that she was never depressed. The drugs only made her feel worse, and she knew that wasn't the right answer. Tanya wondered if this could be caused by her hormones being out of balance, and she was right! Watch to learn how Tanya got her life back through the use of bioidentical hormones!