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5 Tips to Fight Fall Allergies
5Sep, 2018

6 Tips to Fight Fall Allergies

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This is the start of Fall Pollen Season. Lots of pollen is produced by plants and it is very offensive to the immune system, causing fall pollinosis or hay fever. If you are having terrible allergy symptoms, you do not have to put up with them. Frequently, dietary changes and environmental controls are enough to control symptoms. Learn 6 tips to fight fall allergies.

12Oct, 2015

Dr. Hotze on Fall Allergies and Food Allergies

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Dr. Hotze was on the Sam Malone Show to discuss how to overcome fall allergies and food allergies. Are you wondering if allergies could be the cause of your symptoms?  Click here to take our allergy symptom checker quiz today! If you’re sniffling your way through spring, it might be time for a change. Click on the button below to get our Allergy Prevention Guide today, and call us  at 877-698-8698 to find out how you can fix your allergies for good. Click Here to Get Your Guide