18Jul, 2018

Slow Skin Changes in Menopause with SkinPen®

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Ladies, have you noticed a change in your skin as you enter menopause? There are a number of factors that cause your skin to age, but one of the largest culprits is “the change” itself. Did you know that these effects can be prevented and managed without the use of harmful drugs or invasive procedures? Discover how SkinPen® helps fight the signs of aging naturally and restores your collagen production, reduces lines and restores volume to your skin.

25Mar, 2013

Menopause after a Hysterectomy – Monika’s Story

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After Monika had a hysterectomy, her health went downhill. She had mood swings, hot flashes, trouble sleeping, hair loss, anxiety and she was cold and tired all the time.  Her doctor put her on Premarin and antidepressants, but that made her feel worse. Once she came to the Hotze Health & Wellness Center and was placed on bioidentical hormones and natural thyroid, she got her energy back! Her symptoms were resolved and Monika feels great today!

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