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16Jul, 2013

Are you a mom who is tired all the time? Josephine’s Story

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Josephine became tired all the time after she had her first child.  She was so exhausted and felt sick inside.  She also gained alot of weight.  She did not know why her metabolism changed.  Dr. Steven Hotze explains how hormonal imbalances and hypothyroidism can cause these symptoms.  Find out how you can get your energy back naturally through the use of bioidentical hormones!

17Jun, 2013

Are you tired all the time? Lisa V.’s Story

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Watch Lisa's story to learn about a very common cause of being tired all the time - hypothyroidism. Lisa also had sinus infections. stomach problems, and trouble sleeping. She had difficulty coping with things and had brain fog. The doctors that she initially saw placed her on synthetic thyroid, but she still did not get well. Find out how Hotze Health & Wellness Center helped Lisa restore her energy and resolve her symptoms !

tired all the time after childbirth
23Jul, 2012

Tanya’s Story: Are you tired all the time after childbirth?

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After the birth of her daughter, Tanya's life changed.  She became very tired all the time and she gained weight. Tanya felt like her life was great, but she did not feel like her old self. She saw mainstream doctors who offered her antidepressants, even though she felt that she was never depressed. The drugs only made her feel worse, and she knew that wasn't the right answer. Tanya wondered if this could be caused by her hormones being out of balance, and she was right! Watch to learn how Tanya got her life back through the use of bioidentical hormones!

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