Any parent with three teenagers and a pre-teen has their hands full, but my situation, in many aspects has been beyond the normal or extended limits. I have been a single father of four children, three of which are girls, for seven years. I manage on a single income, no insurance, no spousal support, and our home is a meager, but humble, home. Love and care have stayed constant, but due to a very poor estranged mother situation, let us just say that things have been extremely difficult and stressful for a number of years. My children are much better with school now than ever, but are still academically behind due to the very stressful home situation that was present for their younger years. Two children have learning disabilities and one has Klienfelter’s Syndrome. As my esteem and outlook on life have improved immensely, thanks to Hotze Health and Wellness Center, so have theirs. Honestly, through the years of hard work of single parenting, I had not realized what a toll stress, etc. had taken on me and my health. My job allows me to listen to talk radio daily, which is where I first learned of Hotze Health and Wellness Center. Being on the Hotze Health and Wellness program for over a year has made a phenomenal difference in how I feel about life and how I feel physically.
The finances required for being a Hotze patient seemed as if they were out of reach for me. The Hotze staff helped make this investment in my health possible. This is the best investment I have ever made! Hotze has helped me get my life back, at age 43, by targeting my health with good nutrition and vitamins, hormonal balance and healthy thyroid function. Eating clean foods and preparing them as such in our household has become the norm and we are all enjoying and feeling the benefits of it. As a side, this is also teaching my children good health habits and how good health is the key to living life to its fullest.
To sum it up, I was feeling lousy, it showed, others could tell, and in general it was almost too much to get out of bed each day. My children and I, in truth, have near to zero family as a support system, but our close friends had certainly noticed through the years that I had lost so much motivation for life that they were worried about me and my health. The stress and depression level of daily existence before and after the estrangement of the mother was extreme and unbelievable. The children have a high degree of trauma related to that, but have been successfully working through it and are growing and doing well. There are still big dark corners in their memories and mine as well, but Hotze has come to the rescue! I am now, more than ever, able to not dwell on that darkness, and Hotze, through better health and living has really and truly given me back my life. My renewal is very noticeable and I see life in a positive way now because I feel good!
Depression, no energy, no motivation for much of anything, regular allergy and cold illnesses, joint and muscle aches, night sweats, cold hands and feet, forgetfulness, poor concentration, sleepless nights, headaches, and overall, just daily pain, that had worn me down over the years are now all gone! My strength is renewed. Life’s normal problems are easier to solve and my whole outlook on life is positive! I know that the Hotze program is to thank for this life change. I feel like a new person and look forward to life each day, instead of dreading waking up each day. The depression is non-existent and this has happened in one year’s time. The stress is at a tolerable level now and I am better equipped to handle stress thanks to Hotze.   My spiritual faith has always been strong, but now my physical strength is in harmony with that part of me.
Going to the doctor only occurred when utterly necessary for me and my personal health needs. I truly did not then, and still do not, trust the common medical profession. The high rate of pharmaceutical approaches for good health just does not settle well with me. I find it ridiculous and questionable when the side effects of a medication seem to outweigh its intended results. Having been married to a spouse who was, and still is, a pharmaceutical drug addict, I sure have apprehensions about taking a pill to cure my ill!
Dr. Hotze, his staff and program are exceptional. I had been listening to their Houston radio program for about two years and called them several times. Calling the health staff at Hotze is almost like calling your parents. What I mean by this is that they are genuinely interested, caring and willing to help. They took the time with each call to get to know me and find out what I really needed and how to help me. Fearing that I might become a nuisance with my many inquiries, they always put me at ease assuring me that my calls were welcome.
The first time I visited their Katy clinic I did not know quite what to expect, although a level of care had already been established and I felt safe, comfortable and as though I was in the right place. What a surprise and comfort to find a nurse waiting for me, expecting me and knowing my name the minute I walked in the front door! They made me feel like I was their only patient. Nothing was rushed and they took time to listen to me, unlike what was often the case in medical doctors’ offices I had visited. Another surprise upon the first visit was when going into the examining room the nurse brought an array of nutritional snacks and a beverage for the purpose of boosting the energy after the all night fast required before the exam. When do you ever find that in a doctor’s office? Hmmm…..Nutrition is the key to good health, right?
Learning that hormonal imbalance with poor nutrition is the root of all physical evil (!!!), led me to better health and wellness. The initial one month yeast free diet was not very difficult to follow (…and boy, how chocolate looked good as the dangling carrot—my self-designated reward at the end of the yeast free diet!) About two weeks into the eating program, I was feeling significantly better overall. Sleep was improved and I no longer suffered from indigestion, heartburn or food allergies. I noticed that my overall appearance was better, my energy was starting to increase, and I had lost unwanted pounds. Food started tasting better and I lost the desire for simple carbs and “bad” foods. Yeast die off symptoms were nothing more than a non-irritating rash, which lasted for only about a week.
I am thrilled about how Hotze has helped me. I still call and ask questions…they REALLY know me now! Dr. Sheridan, in my opinion, is an excellent physician and I trust him and his methods completely, along with Dr. Simon, who is my new Hotze doctor. It is very impressive how highly qualified the medical and peripheral staff is, and how exceptionally they are managed. Each one is very knowledgeable and makes the patients’ visits stress free. I refer my friends and new acquaintances regularly to Hotze Health and Wellness Center. Hotze has truly made a big difference in my life and I now look forward to all the years to come. Hotze Health and Wellness Center can do the same for you!

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AboutHotze Health & Wellness Center

Since 1989, Hotze Health & Wellness Center has helped over 33,000 patients get their lives back using bioidentical hormones that restore hormones to optimal levels, strengthen immune systems, and increase energy levels. Our treatment regimen addresses the root cause of hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, menopause, perimenopause, low testosterone, allergies, and candida.

Led by best-selling author, radio host and leading natural health expert, Steven F. Hotze, M.D., our medical team has over 100 years’ combined medical experience backed by a staff of nearly 100 caring professionals who provide an environment of hope and extraordinary hospitality for each of our patients, who we call our guests. It is our deepest desire to help you obtain and maintain health and wellness naturally so that you may enjoy a better quality of life, pure and simple.



Do you want to live a healthy, happy, purpose-driven life? Do you want to restore your health so that your loss of energy, weight gain, joint pain, depression and lack of drive or motivation won’t hold you back from achieving your personal and professional goals?

Dr. Steven Hotze wants that for you, too. In fact, in his powerful and passionate video entitled, “What I Believe”, Dr. Hotze shares how his Christian worldview and pivotal experiences have ignited a deep desire to offer the message of hope and optimal health to all who need to hear it.

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At Hotze Health & Wellness Center, our doctors are changing the way women and men are treated through the use of bioidentical hormones. Our natural treatments have helped over 33,000 individuals with hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, menopause, perimenopause, low testosterone, allergies, candida, detoxification and nutritional deficiencies.

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Melanie B.

"I went from feeling tired and foggy to to getting my energy and vitality back!”

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Pam White
Pam White
At Hotze Health and Wellness YOU can truly find restoration of your health and vibrant life! You will find the most caring and effective healthcare available! Don't hesitate call them today!!!
Ron Guidry
Ron Guidry
Doctors are not the final authority in our journey of achieving/maintaining health and wellness but having a good team of doctors in your support and guidance community is not only helpful it is wise and also essential. The team and staff at Hotze Health and Wellness are health professionals that you can trust to help you navigate all the misinformation that may be keeping you separated from your optimal level of health.
Caral Reeves
Caral Reeves
Hotze Beauty is a first class facility! Extreme level of professionalism , knowledge & genuine care❤️‍🩹
Julie Hryszko
Julie Hryszko
I’ve been a guest at this facility for 15 years. They are the most efficient, thorough and caring group of individuals I’ve ever experienced. Dr Hotze looks to change the way a typical doctor treats patients and looks for root causes to eliminate medical issues instead of treating “symptoms”. My life has improved 100% since my initial visit. The cost of the treatments are worth it.
Shavon Sisson
Shavon Sisson
Always a great experience dealing with everyone at Hotze Heath and Wellness! Everyone is kind and helpful.
Kori Misson
Kori Misson
I cannot accurately describe in words how I feel about this practice and the entire staff. I have had quite a few health issues throughout the years, rheumatoid arthritis, sjogrens, weight gain, hair loss, irritability, and that is just the beginning. I had pretty much given up on feeling good, just decided to "live with it" and hope for the best. Two very close friends love the Hotze Wellness Clinic and they have experienced life changing health. Made my appointment and from the beginning I felt heard. Not a in and out fast food style practice. They are looked and are looking at my entire body for overall health and wellness. Connections from mind and body to clinical blood work, even dental questions....they care and I feel as if I can trust them. I am on a path to complete wellness and my goal is to have my RA back in remission as it once was....make yourself a priority. Having hope is an incredible feeling!