Brian’s Story – Low Testosterone

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Being a competitive weightlifter and recreational bodybuilder since the early 1970’s, as a teenager, I have always been well in tune with what my body can and cannot do physically. Basically, my whole life I had considered myself quite “bulletproof” being in much better physical condition than most men I knew and had seen. As I approached my 46th to 47th year of age, I had begun to notice that my weightlifting was declining in ways I could not readily put my finger on, but I knew something was not right. I was eating very well balanced meals with plenty of protein, I was taking top of the line supplements, but something was still not right.

“As I approached my 46th to 47th year of age, I had begun to notice that my weightlifting was
declining in ways I could not readily put my finger on, but I knew something was not right.” 

In a serious weightlifters world, concentration is everything, and a very close second, is that wonderful muscle “pump”. It is impossible to compete at a world class level without the proper concentration. As I said, I had noticed these things were not quite right, but I could not put my finger on it exactly, yet. My natural testosterone levels dropping did not even occur to me until one wonderful day on the highway during a long drive home from the hunting lease. I was driving home from a particularly tough weekend working at the deer lease in West Texas when I happened to hear an energetic, enthusiastic voice on the radio talking about energy levels, concentration and physical strength. Being very interested in this topic, I listened intently! Well, much to my fortune it was Dr. Steven F. Hotze talking about bio-identical hormone therapy for men and women. As I drove down the highway, I carefully wrote down his name and number so I could call as soon as possible, this was a Sunday afternoon. He did mention that most of his clients were women, but I did not care. The next day, on Monday, I booked my first appointment with him.

Being extremely ready to find out where I was on the hormone scale, I was as excited as a country boy getting to drive the tractor for the first time! I met with Dr. Hotze himself for my initial meeting and answered all his questions as thoroughly as I could. After his clinic ran tests on my blood, they found that I was low on the testosterone scale, not just a little bit, but quite low! He immediately prescribed a bio-identical testosterone therapy for me, and within 3 days, my whole life changed for the better!
The first thing I noticed was my concentration was better than it had been for 10 years, not just in the weight room, but in my business where I run an engineering company. I noticed a kind of super energy all day long that I had not felt in years. With my days at work going so well now, it was easy to carry this enthusiasm over to my workouts. I was able to concentrate like I could many years prior, and because of this, I could handle much heavier weight again. The best part in the weight room was the re-discovery of the awesome muscle pump! I was able to develop the skin stretching pump AGAIN, something I had almost resigned myself to never achieve in the future. With this new found energy and concentration, I decided to dedicate my energies toward breaking the Texas State Bench Press record for 47 to 53 year olds in my weight class at 198#’s.
Over the next few months, I worked hard and entered the USA Southern Regional WABDL Bench Press Championships (WABDL is the World Association of Benchers and Dead Lifters).  Everything came together that day, and I was able to break the old Texas state record by over 40 pounds with a 402.7# bench. I have since raised it to 440 #’s. After that meet, I entered the 2004 WABDL World Bench Press Championships in Reno, NV and won my age group and weight class. I am currently training very hard and will continue to compete in world class competitions.

After winning the World Championships, I reflected on what had recently happened in my life and the fortune I had encountered by a chance turn of the radio channel as I drove down the highway. Hearing Dr. Hotze’s message, seeking out his help, and following through with his advice and protocol really did give me my life back. With his help and guidance I have been able to operate better at my job, my home life, AND in the gym! As time went on, soon after I discovered Dr. Hotze, my wife also went to his Center looking for some of this “energy”! Dr. Ellsworth has been able to direct her into this new realm of energy now and she again runs her marathons with ease. Together we are enjoying our grandkids now by playing hard with them, not just sitting and talking with them. What a joy!
As an ISSA Certified Professional Fitness Trainer also, I have the opportunity to talk with men and women all the time about Dr. Hotze, his staff, and what they can do for all of us as we age. Women are very receptive typically; men are hardheaded typically and will not admit to any problems. Why is that, guys? The service Hotze Health & Wellness Center provides is there for us all. All I can say to you men out there is this: life is short, why not get all you can out of it while you are here on this wonderful earth! There is no reason to age gracefully when you can age with full strength of mind and body! The opportunity is out there for you all to feel energetic and strong, all the time, grab the gold ring – it is right there in front of you at Hotze Health & Wellness Center!
Thank you to Dr. Hotze, Dr. Ellsworth, and the super friendly, attentive staff for this opportunity and for helping me “get my life back”!

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Written By: STEVEN F. HOTZE, M.D.

Steven F. Hotze, M.D., is the founder and CEO of the Hotze Health & Wellness Center, Hotze Vitamins and Physicians Preference Pharmacy International, LLC.