Catherine’s Story – Hypothyroidism, Arthritis

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One Saturday morning, about 6 years ago, I was awakened by a phone call. My brother in California was calling to tell me he had been diagnosed with bone cancer. My thoughts that morning when I heard the terrible news were, “Could I possibly have the same thing?” The pain that I had been feeling was like my bones were being eaten away. It was hard to describe, I would stay awake at night because no matter how I laid, it hurt my hips, shoulders and knees.
Since I was 27 years old, I had been on Synthroid, so I had to go for my blood work once a year.  I explained the pain to my doctor who did blood work, and said it looked okay but he would try increasing my dosage to see if it would help. It did not, and I got worse. My hands and feet would swell; I never knew what shoes were going to fit or for how long. After a few visits, he sent me to a Rheumatologist. The rheumatologist took more blood and diagnosed me with the beginnings of osteoarthritis. He put me on Celebrex, which did help some, and later put me on Vioxx, which helped more. He also prescribed me a mild anti-depressant. I took it for a short time, but I did not feel I needed an anti-depressant, I needed the problem fixed.
There were times when I needed help putting on my pantyhose, tying my shoes, getting out of a chair, not to mention trying to open anything. I tried a chiropractor; it helped but only for that day. I began thinking, if I feel like this now, how will I feel when I am older; will I get to dance at my daughters wedding, will I be able to change my grandchildren’s diapers or even be able to baby sit? I was not getting enough sleep and it was exhausting just getting dressed. Luckily, I worked for an understanding man, because getting to work by 8 am sharp was very hard for me.
My insurance changed so I had to change doctors. This doctor took x-rays of my back, hands, and feet where before the others had not. He did not think I had osteoarthritis, and he was going to treat me for fibromyalgia. I said “What!” and asked what this was, he explained. I really think they made it all up because they really do not know what else to tell you. He saw me about every three months, while keeping me on the same meds.
Insurance changed once again, so this time I had to see another Rheumatologist. He did blood work, but this time it came back with results of RA, so he treated me with NAIDS and said to exercise and try a Mediterranean diet. I did exercise some, but not enough; I really did not have the strength. Then he put me on Humira, a shot you give yourself once a month, which really did help. I started to think, this is great.   The only side effects were lymphoma and at the first signs of infection, tell your doctor. At the same time and in my desperation, I did not care, it helped the pain and I could walk.
Then, driving home one day, my husband called to say that he had been listening to Dr. Hotze’s radio program. He thought this would really help and he could give it to me for a Christmas present. I told him to let me think about it. I was not too sure if I should; I had a friend who went to him and she felt so much better, but she did not have what I had. Anyway, I finally agreed to go, my husband called and had them call me to set up an appointment.
My experience at the center was wonderful. I was treated with respect, and was not rushed for my information. Dr. Ellsworth explained that he was going to put me on a yeast-free diet, bio-identical hormones, vitamins, and was increasing my Armour Thyroid. I really wish I could remember all that was said that day, but all I remember is after about a week I felt different, after two weeks I felt great, and after a month I was ready to shout to the world, “I feel alive again!”
So many of my friends told me I looked great and asked what I had been doing. Some friends asked because they too had been experiencing health issues. I told them not to lose another day, to go to the Hotze Health & Wellness Center, and not to lose five years of their lives, like I had. I continued to go to my Rheumatologist, who had to take blood every month because I was still on Humira.  The results were that my blood work looked really good. He asked what I had been doing; I told him that I had gone to Hotze Health & Wellness Center and explained what they had put me on. He did not object, he said that if that is what it takes, then by all means. I stayed on the Humira for about 3 more months and then decided I did not need it any more.
Thank you Hotze Health & Wellness Center Doctors & Staff, and of course my husband, for the best Christmas present I could have ever received. I got my life back and I will be dancing at my daughter’s upcoming wedding.

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Written By: STEVEN F. HOTZE, M.D.

Steven F. Hotze, M.D., is the founder and CEO of the Hotze Health & Wellness Center, Hotze Vitamins and Physicians Preference Pharmacy International, LLC.