Deborah’s Story – Pain, Fatigue, Depression, Weight Gain

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OK!  OK! I know it is the last day to turn in my story. I promise I will write it today.” That is what I told my number one sister-in-law and friend who have been prodding me for the past two months to write my story.  And do I have a story to tell. Hotze Health and Wellness Center has helped me to reclaim my life. My family and friends see the great changes in my life and I feel the difference.

My downhill spiral began eleven years ago at the young age of forty. I was young, but I felt like an old feeble woman. Some days I hurt so bad that I really did not care if my car went off of a curve and hit a tree.  The weight of guilt smothered me. After all, I kept telling myself, I had a wonderful husband, four beautiful children, a loving family, and many close friends. I should be thankful! What did I have to be depressed about? But when I hurt so badly that I could not even get out of bed, my life seemed anything but wonderful. There was no explanation for my pain, fatigue and depression.

I remember when the symptoms first began. At the age of forty, I was suddenly entering menopause. I had severe hot flashes, night and day. The pain began after the hormone changes. I even had signs of osteoporosis. Soon the pain began to interfere with my sleep. There were times that I just sat in my car with pain so intense that I could not get out to go in to see my doctor.   After many doctor’s visits, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  It was a relief to know that something was causing my symptoms. But the diagnosis did not bring an end or a cure. To the contrary, my treatment involved pills—pills to get the day going and pills to sleep, pills for anxiety and depression, pain pills and thyroid pills. I was prescribed one medication after another. You name it, I took it. I felt desperate to get better. I wanted to feel good; at least feel my age. I did find a wonderful family doctor that tried to help me. She sent me to physical therapy for almost a year and the exercise did help some. I lost a little weight but when I stopped going I was right back where I started. She felt that I was chronically depressed and prescribed antidepressants. More guilt…I was depressed!   Who would not be depressed? I was a petite, five foot and three-fourth inch woman who weighed 160lbs. I was wearing a size 16. I could not believe that was me in the mirror. I was told that antidepressants do not cause weight gain, but I am living proof that they do. By May, 2005, I was once again sitting hopelessly in the doctor’s office being put back on antidepressants. I still hurt. I had no energy. I could hardly get off of the couch to take care of my family. I constantly pushed myself to get done what I had to and then collapsed at the end of the day. I felt like no one believed me. It must all be “in my head”.

During these difficult years I did hear about Dr. Hotze and his alternative methods to helping people feel themselves again.  My sister-in-law, whom I fondly refer to as my coach, and a very close friend from church encouraged me to call, but quite frankly I could not afford to go. By June, however, my husband and I made the decision that I had no choice. I could not afford not to go.   I had to do something. I made an appointment at the Hotze Health & Wellness Center, and was determined to do everything I was told to do. Someone had to help me. I could not imagine my life going on the way it had the past eleven years.

My treatment began with an extensive medical history, followed by a physical which included blood work, an EKG and a bone density scan. These doctors listened to me and did not make me feel like I was wasting their time. They helped me to realize that my symptoms were real and treatments were available to cure my condition. Their aim was to first rid my body of harmful growths such as yeast that cause inflammatory type diseases such as fibromyalgia. Second was to replace what was missing in my body—no, not antidepressants, but natural bio-identical hormones and vitamin and mineral supplementation. Yes, I have changed my eating habits and my lifestyle. But I no longer depend on medications to treat my illness. I am giving my body what it lacks and needs.

Well, now I am a size 4. Yes I said size 4! I weigh only 115lbs and my goal weight is 110. I am a changed woman! I feel great, and I no longer suffer with extreme pain and depression. My family no longer hears me complaining about how badly I feel. My husband of thirty three years tells me how wonderful I look and how proud he is of me. I think I am more fun to be around. My children and nieces and nephews call me “Hot”. What a compliment. I run my own company; I volunteer at my youngest daughters’ high school and spend quality time with my family and friends. People don’t want to hear about how bad you feel but how happy you are. Due to hard work, determination, and the Hotze staff who offered me choices for a healthy lifestyle, I can honestly say that I have my life back and I am happy! I am forever grateful.

Can you relate to Deborah’s symptoms? Contact us today so that we can help you get your life back.

Written By: STEVEN F. HOTZE, M.D.

Steven F. Hotze, M.D., is the founder and CEO of the Hotze Health & Wellness Center, Hotze Vitamins and Physicians Preference Pharmacy International, LLC.